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Help promote some gargoyle-y goodness and get some cool swag from yours truly!

Some of you know me as America’s Favorite Lower Midlist Urban Fantasy Author ™, the author of both the Simon Canderous paranormal detective and Spellmason Chronicles series. Yes, it’s that time of year again, where we talk about my next book the upcoming 9/24/13 release of Stonecast, book two of The Spellmason Chronicles.  Here’s where I dare to dream about growing my readership and possibly becoming an Upper Midlist author!  Fact:  I have awesome readers Fact:  Hearing their love for my books is also awesome, sometimes bringing me to tears Fact:  I use awesome too much Fact:  Despite the enthusiasm of my readers, the book world at large has little-to-no idea that my books exists So for the pending launch of Stonecast, I decided to utilize my greatest promotional tool (short of bankrupting myself running an ad in USA Today). Those tools are YOU, people.  Yes, you are all tools!  Perhaps I should rephrase that… Loyal readers:  your numbers may be small, but I have no doubt that you ar…

Carniepunk Giveaway and Tour!

So, I'm sitting in my kitchen working at my laptop, as far as you know, when the doorbell rings. As any normal human being would, assuming there was a solicitor at the door or a sappy-eyed child selling diet-busting candy, I reached for my gun and slipped to the floor to avoid detection. Creeping across the hall, I lifted my head just in time to see the bestest shit-brown truck that ever existed barrel away leaving a puffy beige package on my doorstep, just like an unwanted baby...or THIS...
YESSSSSSS!!! Carniepunk ARCs came!!! Now, some of you may know that this literary wonder was the brainchild of my friend and fellow Reluctant Adult, Kevin Hearne, author of such Iron Druidness as HOUNDED and star of a certain Single Ladies Dance Spectacular, featured here (feel free to witness that particular madness as you continue to read toward the inevitable contest):

As excited as I am about my story in CARNIEPUNK (July 23rd), THE SWEETER THE JUICE (a post-apocalyptic zombie horror-comed…