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Help promote some gargoyle-y goodness and get some cool swag from yours truly!

Some of you know me as America’s Favorite Lower Midlist Urban Fantasy Author ™, the author of both the Simon Canderous paranormal detective and Spellmason Chronicles series. Yes, it’s that time of year again, where we talk about my next book the upcoming 9/24/13 release of Stonecast, book two of The Spellmason Chronicles.  Here’s where I dare to dream about growing my readership and possibly becoming an Upper Midlist author!  Fact:  I have awesome readers Fact:  Hearing their love for my books is also awesome, sometimes bringing me to tears Fact:  I use awesome too much Fact:  Despite the enthusiasm of my readers, the book world at large has little-to-no idea that my books exists So for the pending launch of Stonecast, I decided to utilize my greatest promotional tool (short of bankrupting myself running an ad in USA Today). Those tools are YOU, people.  Yes, you are all tools!  Perhaps I should rephrase that… Loyal readers:  your numbers may be small, but I have no doubt that you ar…