Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Your Reading Assignments

X-posted from my Blog.

It's been a while since I've pimped out a book anywhere other than Twitter/Facebook. What can I say? Busy trying to salvage a career here. I really don't want to sling fries with the pimple set. Ever. So I come out of my manuscript cloud (picture letters and crumpled paper flying around the room like a monkey flings its own crap), to talk about a book and a series that I REALLY love.

I'm talking about Stacia Kane's UNHOLY GHOSTS.

Stace and I met, like so many authors, online and hit it off, probably because we're both very, very wrong. She and I were founding members of the League of Reluctant Adults--way back when there were just five of us--and started beta reading each other's shit. Which brings me back to UNHOLY GHOSTS. I've had the chance to read all three of the books in the series (the other two are UNHOLY MAGIC and CITY OF GHOSTS) and I'm here to tell you, this is groundbreaking stuff.

Now, I'm not a HUGE fan of urban fantasy. Primarily because what I've read seems to be inspired by the genre itself and the heroes/heroines aren't really surprising at this point. What it takes to catch my interest is realistic characters. And that's not to say what's realistic for a TYPICAL hero or heroine of this genre, but what's realistic for human beings. Stace's character Cesaria (Chess) Putnam is damaged; she's drug addicted; she lives in a dystopian world of systemic grief, where the majority of the population has been extinguished by an uprising of ghosts; a world where God does not exist. That's all I'll give away about the book and its premise. I've seen some reviews where Chess's drug abuse was the breaking point for the reader, I love her for the complexity of her crutch. The necessity of it is masterful worldbuilding. And Stace's protagonist is the perfect creation to explore the dark boundaries of heroism. I was in love from the first chapter.

Seriously, pick it up today!


Another League of Reluctant Adults member, Jackie Kessler, is serializing HELL TO PAY, the last book in her fantastically saucy succubus series on her website. That means every week you can get your Jezebel fix, what could be more awesome. Plus, it's free. What? Seriously? Spike up here!


Yet another Leaguer, Michelle Rowen's new Demon Princess book, REIGN CHECK is out today. You'll be needing that one in your bag. You just will.


Great news for two other Leaguers. Richelle Mead's SPIRIT BOUND is #1 on the USA Today Bestseller list!!! Huge news because the USA Today list lumps all genres together. That's a buttload of sales y'all. Our glowing ray of sunshine, Michelle Rowen sold the next book in her Living in Eden paranormal romance series. This one's called THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC. Congrats ladies!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Interview with My Mommy

Would you like to know what sort of person raised yours truly?

Click here to read an interview between my mom, Judy Harper, and Bookreporter.com.

They're going to take away my "Big Girl Author" card, aren't they?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Slinking back into the paranormal fold

OK, so I don't have a paranormal romance coming out this year, BUT there is proof that I haven't completely abandoned my paranormal roots. The Amazon.com page for the first installment in my new werewolf romance series has been posted here.

HOW TO FLIRT WITH A NAKED WEREWOLF, is about Mo, who moves from Mississippi to Alaska to get away from her intrusive hippie parents. She settles into her new Yukon digs, getting a job at the local diner and getting along well with her new neighbors... with the exception of the hot, grumpy hunting guide who seems to disappear during the full moon...

Really, I'm just posting this so the other authors don't kick me out of the League for being a genre traitor.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And the Worst Leaguer EVER Award Goes To . . .

ME! For not blogging in FOREVAH. I am so sorry, my muffins. I have been hella busy with all sorts of shenanigans. I will reveal all, soon. But in the meantime I've posted a vlog reading from my second book, here. Tracking the Tempest comes out in July, folks, something I cannot get over.

If you're feeling like you can't go another minute with a little Jane True, however, you can always order her in GERMAN. Which is so cool, although from the cover you'd think I wrote Splash. Not that I didn't enjoy Splash, especially that scene where Daryl Hannah bites right into that lobster in the fancy restaurant! She's just wacky!

I'd also like to point out my new favorite bands, both of which are getting me through my finals grading. The first I've already blogged about over at my site, but I'm enjoying them so much I'll do it again:

It's Beirut and I ADORE them. I also think that video is so sexy-ridiculous. They're all wearing elephant trunks, people. So phallic! Yet silly!

The next band is Mumford and Sons. Their whole album rocks my socks but this song makes me want to get up and do a (slightly wobbly) jig:

I get physically excited when I hear that chorus line: my heart starts beating faster and my legs twitch. The Call of the Jig!

So we can all listen to Beirut and Mumford and Sons while we grade my final exams. Sounds FUN, doesn't it, guys? Guys? Where are you going?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let the RT X-Posting Begin...

For those of you not in the know, the Romantic Times Booklover's Convention is a near week-long immersion course in the language of erotica, drunken debauchery and high camp. Well, maybe that's just what I go for and seek to create. Others, more sedate others, might just see it as an opportunity to chat with friends, attend seminars and connect with readers to talk about books. I love all that too, I just like to inject the naughty wherever I can. I think you understand.

Last Tuesday, six sleep-deprived authors (Lauren Dane, Kat Richardson, Richelle Mead, Shelli Stevens and TJ Michaels) shambled onto a plane bound for Columbus, OH. None of us had ever been, nor ever thought we'd visit this midwestern capital, yet seven hours later, we were there, rushing like a line of gerbils up Richard Gere's ass to catch a shuttle to the hotel.


A shuttle driven by the crankiest driver in all of Ohio. I'm not exaggerating. This guy was in such a hurry, he played the "What about the children card." Apparently he had a temp job driving a bus for the school district. I'm fairly certain, after a long day of traveling, that we took precedence. Too bad kids!

What happened once we got to the Hyatt Regency was kind of a blur so I'll bullet point this bitch for you...

• The Erotic-ness of the Ellora's Cave Party NOW WITH VIDEO!!!

The undisputed opening salvo of crazy is the Ellora's Cave Party. This RT's happened on Wednesday night and played out against a backdrop of deformed crepe paper lobster claws. The video was shot by Jaye Wells and features yours truly making defamatory remarks...of course.

• Char Bar!!!

After a hard day of speaking on panels aka making up shit on the spot, it's time for some hard drinking and brawling. Jeanne gave Mario his just desserts over at our regular spot away from the hotel: Char Bar. It's the kind of dive where the drinks are cheap and the bathrooms smell like nursing home mattresses, so we were right at home. By the way, the mystery writers are no amateurs when it comes to drinkin'. They were draining bottles and dancing. There may have been singing but I tried to block that out as much as possible, I am pretty sure the sound of Brad Sinor's serenade causes cancer. I could be wrong.


• Columbus, OH

Okay, so I don't have any pictures of North Market, which is totally a mecca to foodie foodiness, but let me just say, after two straight days of nothing but American food, I was about to lose my shit. I'm used to eating primarily ethnic cuisines, cuz I can. Or at the very least fusion stuff. So Max & Ermas wasn't cutting it. In fact, the whole area around the massive conference center was a bit of a shock. Fun bars, good food and not a panhandler in sight, it was like Oz for alcoholics and fatties.


• The Book Fair

One of the huge events at RT is the Giant Saturday book fair. If 350 authors kickin' it with fans and signing books is wrong, I don't wanna be right. There were so many big authors there, that people go tickets for different lines and were called in shifts to get in line for the likes of JR Ward, Charlaine Harris and, our very own, Richelle Mead! Rachel Herron (How to Knit a Love Story) and I took a moment to take a blurry picture and plot the end of the world (also a dirty website--forthcoming).

RT27RT28RT29RTColumbus2010 042-1

• Panels and Shit

Yeah. There were some of those.

• Zombie Coochcakes!

Seriously. Zombie Joe's wife, Robin, made some bad ass cupcakes for a few of us twitter authors. Mine were oh-so-lovely replicas of Amanda and Wendy's snootches, complete with toasted coconut pubes and a mini-twix bar shoved inside like a magic bullet. Spoiled! That's me.


• The Mangeant

There's always some sort of controversy arising from the Cover Model Competition (Mangeant) but seriously it's the pinnacle of camp and crazy at RT. There are those who complain that the whole convention is oversexualized and want it to be more professional, like RWA, presumably. The day that happens is the day the convention's attendance plummets. You know what else plummets? My interest. If you can't have fun at an RT convention, then what's the point. In fact, this year was much less crazy than the previous two, so if people are still complaining, I suggest they stay home and plan their next Junior League luncheon. Now. Some specifics. You see those lights in the darkness down there? That's the twitter effect. The entire audience looks like that. 500 people snarking, it's a beautiful thing. The other shot is, of course, Jocelyn Drake and I practicing giving face.


And now, for the most magical picture of that evening: my agent, Jim, reacting to nuclear meltdown levels of camp...




Con-buddy Crissy Brashear (Samhain Publishing) wrangled Heather, Richelle and I for "Malts after Midnight" at UDF (United Dairy Farmers) which is, apparently, a run to a 7-11 type convenience store. Hidden inside is Mecca for Malts. Hand-scooped, hand blended, magnificent. I'm a convert. Though, I gotta say if you're looking for a scoop, you should definitely hit Jeni's at North Market. The Salty Caramel is insane.


• Fairy Ball

Leaguers Richelle and Stace were on the Faery Court this year, which sounds like an opportunity to really make fun of them mercilessly, but the costumes and dinner were actually quite good (for con food) and we had a great time, despite some obvious fuckery perpetrated by the dueling hosts of the event. I never trust those applause-o-meters but when judged by straggly-haired Whitesnake impersonators, its cred drops down the toilet. But it was the only night where anyone really dressed up (as you can see from the always lovely Caitlin and Heather--check out those zebra eyelids!)


• Impromptu Rock Band Party

Wednesday night was a whirlwind, after the Faery Ball we headed up to Dakota and Terri's room for mayhem and the birthing of The Creepy Doll. Yes. I said birthing. Things got a little crazy as you can see, but, being true reluctant adults, not a one of us was ashamed when security came to shut down the party. Like a badge of honor bitches!


• The League of Reluctant Adults

On the last night of the con, Michele Bardsley and her faithful handyman, Zombie Joe, busted out the most awesome suite party ever! There was free hooch, cupcakes, Rock Band, Tim Tams (I'm not sure what all the fuss is about) and erotica. Yes. We got erotic up in that bitch. Readings are a given at any League get-together and as you can imagine, only the foulest fluid drenched material measures up to our high/low standards. There were also presents, but I'll get to those in a minute. You may want to empty your bowels before then.


• My Friends Aren't Right. Not At All

Yeah, so I get to the suite on Saturday and first thing I'm assailed by Michele Bardsley, Dakota Cassidy, Renee George and Terri Smythe. It seems they found the sex shops in Columbus and couldn't resist scouring the bargain bins for filth. Thus...


Yeah. That's right. Don't even ask me what I had to do to get that nastiness home. The funny thing is, those silicone fetish feet were regularly $50. No joke and heavy as hell. I'm frankly afraid of the DVD. Mortified. I think I'm going to need to have a party to watch it.

So that's it. Other than that we had a shitty first leg of our trip back and ended up stuck on the tarmac like illegal immigrants, and missed our connection. Luckily, Richelle had a card to get us in the Red Carpet Club so we could booze away our pain and suffering! Remember that next year's RT is in LA and that's for sure going to be crazy so start saving your pennies!!!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Werewolf VS Vampire (Rough)

The rough sketch edition of my first Werewolf VS Vampire comic strip is up now. You'll probably want to click the image so you can see my shoddy artwork in all its... um... "glory".

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Werewolf VS Vampire

Somewhere... out in the night. Somewhere relatively warm, surrounded by readers, other writers, and basking (no doubt) in the healthy glow of various buff and incredibly handsome cover models is the bulk of the League. I dare say there may even be alcohol involved. They have travelled to the magical land that is Romantic Times. But not me. I’m writing. In fact, I just wrote the sentence: "While Juan went on talking about rescuing a cat, I tried to picture the dead guy I left unrezzed in the morgue." So, you know, there's undeniable proof for you. ;)

But what is my point? I'll tell you. Just moments ago I realized that THE BLOG IS MINE (and maybe Anton's... and whoever else didn't go to the con...and sure we have to give it back... and okay, so the others might still go ahead and post from the con as well, but...) ALL MINE!!! BWAHAHA! Run for your lives! Quake before the power, the madness, the insanity... of an author who up too late and being A BIT SILLY!

And, oddly, thinking about those old PC versus Mac commercials.

Wouldn't it be cool if they did Werewolf versus Vampire Commercials?

I think if I scripted one, it would go like this…

Werewolf: Hi! I'm a Werewolf
Vampire: And I'm a vampire.


Werewolf: You're standing on the wrong side.
Vampire: Really? Why is that?


Werewolf: Because if we're going to draw the obvious PC/Mac comparison, then I should be on the right.
Vampire: You think?


Werewolf: Yes! I'm superior! I'm a living breathing creature of the night. I-

Vampire: Chase cars.


Werewolf: Chase cars

Vampire: Bark at the mail man


Werewolf: Bark at the mail man.

Vampire: Hump peoples' legs


Werewolf: Hump peoples' legs

Vampire: Are totally subject to Vampire Hypnosis.


Werewolf: Am totally subject to Vampire Hypnosis

Vampire: Heh.


Werewolf looks confused.

Vampire: Jedi Schmedi. They learned that mind trick stuff from us.


Werewolf: Hey!

Vampire: Sit!


Werewolf: Hey!

Vampire: Roll over.

Happy weekend everyone! The others will be back soon. :)

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