Werewolf VS Vampire

Somewhere... out in the night. Somewhere relatively warm, surrounded by readers, other writers, and basking (no doubt) in the healthy glow of various buff and incredibly handsome cover models is the bulk of the League. I dare say there may even be alcohol involved. They have travelled to the magical land that is Romantic Times. But not me. I’m writing. In fact, I just wrote the sentence: "While Juan went on talking about rescuing a cat, I tried to picture the dead guy I left unrezzed in the morgue." So, you know, there's undeniable proof for you. ;)

But what is my point? I'll tell you. Just moments ago I realized that THE BLOG IS MINE (and maybe Anton's... and whoever else didn't go to the con...and sure we have to give it back... and okay, so the others might still go ahead and post from the con as well, but...) ALL MINE!!! BWAHAHA! Run for your lives! Quake before the power, the madness, the insanity... of an author who up too late and being A BIT SILLY!

And, oddly, thinking about those old PC versus Mac commercials.

Wouldn't it be cool if they did Werewolf versus Vampire Commercials?

I think if I scripted one, it would go like this…

Werewolf: Hi! I'm a Werewolf
Vampire: And I'm a vampire.


Werewolf: You're standing on the wrong side.
Vampire: Really? Why is that?


Werewolf: Because if we're going to draw the obvious PC/Mac comparison, then I should be on the right.
Vampire: You think?


Werewolf: Yes! I'm superior! I'm a living breathing creature of the night. I-

Vampire: Chase cars.


Werewolf: Chase cars

Vampire: Bark at the mail man


Werewolf: Bark at the mail man.

Vampire: Hump peoples' legs


Werewolf: Hump peoples' legs

Vampire: Are totally subject to Vampire Hypnosis.


Werewolf: Am totally subject to Vampire Hypnosis

Vampire: Heh.


Werewolf looks confused.

Vampire: Jedi Schmedi. They learned that mind trick stuff from us.


Werewolf: Hey!

Vampire: Sit!


Werewolf: Hey!

Vampire: Roll over.

Happy weekend everyone! The others will be back soon. :)


Indigo said…
Just when we're having so much fun...Although honestly, I'm kind of a werewolf gal. Warm blooded hairy, slobbering, muscle flexing, just...

Uhm sorry.

Anyway this was fun. (Hugs)Indigo
Shiloh Walker said…
Um... there MAY be alcohol involved... LOL. Yes. Yes, there may.
Karen said…
Okay, I was totally picturing the pc & mac guys doing that little dialogue...

So, who's Juan and why was he left unrezzed in the morgue? (I admit it. I'm more interesting in the little writing blurb...I want more Void City!)

Jeremy F. Lewis said…

That was a line from my current WIP. The title is still top secret, but it is set in the Void City universe, if not in Void City itself. On the other hand, Eric and Company will be causing mischief again in Crossed (Void City, Book 3) which should hit shelves in early 2011. It looks like Greta may be on the cover this time around. And I think ReVamped hits mass market paperback this October.
Anonymous said…
LOL! I can totally see that commercial in my head--with Eric as the vamp, of course :)

Enjoy the take over, Mr. Lewis!!! ;)
How did I miss this? I wasn't at RT, either. We could have run amok on the blog all weekend!

That was hilarious, Jeremy!
Jeremy F. Lewis said…

And you're right, Kelly. There could have been total Yakko, Wakko, and Dot-style amok-ness. On the other hand, I don't see any post-RT posts, yet, so go crazy!
Kait Nolan said…
Hahahaha! I would love to see a further series of Werewolf vs. Vamp commercials!
Jeremy F. Lewis said…
I'm actually experimenting with doing a little Werewolf VS Vampire comic strip. I just have to get the darn thing exactly how I want it and then scan the sucker in...
Brenda Hyde said…
*snort* That would be the coolest commercial EVER...unless the werewolf decided to eat the vampire. That would be bad, so bad...just saying:)

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