And the Worst Leaguer EVER Award Goes To . . .

ME! For not blogging in FOREVAH. I am so sorry, my muffins. I have been hella busy with all sorts of shenanigans. I will reveal all, soon. But in the meantime I've posted a vlog reading from my second book, here. Tracking the Tempest comes out in July, folks, something I cannot get over.

If you're feeling like you can't go another minute with a little Jane True, however, you can always order her in GERMAN. Which is so cool, although from the cover you'd think I wrote Splash. Not that I didn't enjoy Splash, especially that scene where Daryl Hannah bites right into that lobster in the fancy restaurant! She's just wacky!

I'd also like to point out my new favorite bands, both of which are getting me through my finals grading. The first I've already blogged about over at my site, but I'm enjoying them so much I'll do it again:

It's Beirut and I ADORE them. I also think that video is so sexy-ridiculous. They're all wearing elephant trunks, people. So phallic! Yet silly!

The next band is Mumford and Sons. Their whole album rocks my socks but this song makes me want to get up and do a (slightly wobbly) jig:

I get physically excited when I hear that chorus line: my heart starts beating faster and my legs twitch. The Call of the Jig!

So we can all listen to Beirut and Mumford and Sons while we grade my final exams. Sounds FUN, doesn't it, guys? Guys? Where are you going?


Anonymous said…
Once again the firewall blocks the vids--what songs? Please & Thank you ;)
Nicole Peeler said…
It's Beirut's Elephant Gun and Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man. Both are available on YouTube. ;-)
Anonymous said…
I love "Elephant Gun". I have a copy of Live at KEXP vol 3 with Beirut performing it live.
Anonymous said…
I love "Elephant Gun". I have a copy of Live at KEXP vol 3 with Beirut performing it live.

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