Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Taking the Leap

You might have experienced an absence of Mark Henry-related inappropriateness. Well, there's a reason for that, I've been focusing so much on my Daniel Marks-ness, that I haven't had time to even think about the adult side of things. And since, it doesn't look like I'll be revisiting the world of Amanda Feral anytime soon, I'm going to start posting here like soooo...

I'll cross post my favorite vlogpost from my Youtube channel from the previous month and occasionally something specifically for the League. It all sounds so formal, I assure you...not so much. Here's my most recent Book Show Book Show.

Let me know what you think!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Coming Soon: A Fury of Furies

Howdy folks!!!

We're less than two weeks away from the release of my fifth book, Tempest's Fury. For those of you who have been ignoring me assiduously, here's the cover:

Fury is the penultimate book of the series, as I always knew I wanted Jane to have six books. My reasons for that are simple: I wanted to end in control of the character and the book, and in a way that satisfied me and, hopefully, my readers. As a reader myself, I remember with love the series that left me wanting more--the ones that ended when I was still involved, still engaged. So that's how I wanted Jane's story to be. I wanted to end before I lost the flow of the original idea, or got bored with my own character, or bored my readers.

That said, it's hard writing a series, and six books is a lot. I think that part of the problem is that once we invest in a series, we all have things we want to see happen, and we have a way we want it to happen. That's why Choose Your Own Adventures were so much fun. Yet how many of us, even with all the choices available, were constantly looking for options that weren't there?

Unlike Choose Your Own Adventures, however, most books can only have one story, and it had to be mine. I hope people like the direction I take Jane, and can see how her character has evolved, and why I made the choices I made.

I've grown up with Jane, as a writer. She was my first baby (or my first pancake, for those of you who never quite got her). I've loved seeing her grow, and as I'm revising book six, I'm sad knowing I'm going to have to move on. But, to be honest, I'm not that sad. I'm proud I was allowed to write all six books, and I'm proud I'm only writing six. I'm thrilled I got to have a first pancake, and that I still think it's pretty tasty. I'm also excited to move on, and to utilize everything I learned writing Jane in new ventures.

So I hope you enjoy book five and, ultimately, book six. I know I've enjoyed writing them, even knowing it's time to say goodbye.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Job Choices and Cover Flats and Vampire Maggots

In my last post, I indicated that the Trace of Moonlight cover that was out wasn't final, but yay, this one is!

(Out October 30,2012, even.)

And on top of that I just got my cover flats for it, and I'll be giving one away at some point this week - all you have to do is head over to my writing prompt blog post and give me 500 words or less based on the picture and then I'll randomly draw and mail off a signed copy of the flat.


Here's a photo of the cover flats - aren't they pretty? (Super shiny and gold foil letters, even.)

Anyway, for some reason, my day to post here at the League tends to fall on the same day I post over at Word Whores, so there's a bit of an overlap. Today on Word Whores, I'm talking about odd jobs and I'm specifically getting into the story of how I was taloned by a red-tailed hawk during a wildlife veterinary internship. (Which sounds more exciting than it was, I think.)

But one of the jobs I didn't mention was my internship over at Ocean Spray. (The cranberry people). Science internships, by the way, involve a lot of counting. I counted many things. Berries. Mites on the leaves. Grubs. Microscopic nematodes that had been inserted into the grubs (Mmm. This included beheading the grubs and spilling their guts out and then looking for nematodes beneath a dissecting microscope. Science is awesome, by the way. I also got all the cranberries I could eat.)

Clearly I have never shaken off my love for the grubs as evidenced by my purchase of this completely awesome vampire maggot that I found over at Comic Con in Philly a few weeks ago. (You can read all about my trip here. Pictures with Spike and Thor, yo!)

And last thing is that today is also update day over at Sad Sausage Dogs - Page 14 of Fox & Willow is up, so please check it out, as always. :D

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Big News regarding new books!

OK, for everybody who has asked whether there will be a third Naked Werewolf book, I finally have an answer! Yes, there will be a third Naked Werewolf book. I cannot tell you when it will be released or who will be the main characters will be. But they will be connected to the Grundy community and Mo and Cooper and Company.

In addition, I will be writing an e-book original contemporary romance series for Pocket Star, based in Kentucky. For more information on both projects, go to this fantastic online column written by the lovely Megan Doremus.

RT's Spoiled

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

friends of my most narcissistic post ever!

I was inspired by Mario's post to do a picture type post of my own, but not about soap, Crazy Mario! Even though I am praying for you. But, I might have been before the soap incident. Hah! Just kidding.

Anyway, I spend a lot of time with the little items of my desk. I wanted to share them today. Come, meet my friends of my desk, a visual tour!!

Kitty mug! This is my favorite mug, which I use for tea (a mix of Earl Grey and green tea, since I'm getting this narcissistic with this post!) It's a giant mug, which is something I love about it. But also, my dad, who passed away some years ago, jokingly pointed it out on a family trip in Florida, like, How about this mug, Carolyn? Because it's both huge and has a cat on it. Well, he was actually right on. So I like it for that reason, too, that Dad sort of helped choose it. 

Boo and my fave fortune. Do you keep fortunes you like?  The boo sticker is from my nieces and nephews, and the fortune that is taped there says, "Your brain is a receiver for infinite intelligence." I like that as applied to writing. I believe that staying wide open to possibilities and full of trust is helpful for a writer. 

This is a demon duckie from Larissa Ione that I picked up at a convention. I just like it. I like little toys. 

This is my all-time favorite pen, a pen I have had since I was a teen. Or even earlier, possibly. It's a papermate profile. They don't make them anymore. I'm SO paranoid about losing it. But I think I won't because I take really good care of it. I use it when I hand draft things. 

My fiery girl pen holder. A girl in chains in fire is on there. It's from Mexico. I just love the drama of it. That pen with the bar code in there was given to me by Nalini Singh during a signing. It's metallic pink, and I have horded it instead of used it because I like her. The green marker is a pen that I hook to my running bra when I run, along with a piece of paper so I can write down any ideas I get. Because it is so frustrating to get an idea and forget it, and that used to happen a lot to me when running. 

Yes, they end up messy, but usually I can read them. 

The weird tree. The little sign there says Don't Bug Me. I had this since I was like in 3rd grade. I totally don't know where it came from, but I really like it now. 

One of these guys are always around somewhere. 

Friends of my desk!  I hope your desk is filled with friends, too. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Soap Index

I have a confession. It's been years since I've bought a bar of soap. Now before you say, "Yewww...I knew it, you dirty Mexican," I have plenty of soap and I use it. See, every time I stay in a hotel, I walk off with as many of the complimentary bars of soap as I can. Here's a sample of what I've collected:

  I keep the bars in a bucket under the sink. The bucket was once full, and now it's down to half. I haven't taken a vacation since I've been published as every stay away from home involves a writing function of some kind. I'm in between contracts--as it were--and there's nothing new to promote so I'm not on the road much. Hence, my bars of hotel soap are dwindling. So my challenge to you. Pray to the publishing gods and to the world's readers; ask them to send Mario mucho writer mojo. If for no other reason than to keep me clean! Who knows, one day I might sit next to you on a plane.

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