friends of my most narcissistic post ever!

I was inspired by Mario's post to do a picture type post of my own, but not about soap, Crazy Mario! Even though I am praying for you. But, I might have been before the soap incident. Hah! Just kidding.

Anyway, I spend a lot of time with the little items of my desk. I wanted to share them today. Come, meet my friends of my desk, a visual tour!!

Kitty mug! This is my favorite mug, which I use for tea (a mix of Earl Grey and green tea, since I'm getting this narcissistic with this post!) It's a giant mug, which is something I love about it. But also, my dad, who passed away some years ago, jokingly pointed it out on a family trip in Florida, like, How about this mug, Carolyn? Because it's both huge and has a cat on it. Well, he was actually right on. So I like it for that reason, too, that Dad sort of helped choose it. 

Boo and my fave fortune. Do you keep fortunes you like?  The boo sticker is from my nieces and nephews, and the fortune that is taped there says, "Your brain is a receiver for infinite intelligence." I like that as applied to writing. I believe that staying wide open to possibilities and full of trust is helpful for a writer. 

This is a demon duckie from Larissa Ione that I picked up at a convention. I just like it. I like little toys. 

This is my all-time favorite pen, a pen I have had since I was a teen. Or even earlier, possibly. It's a papermate profile. They don't make them anymore. I'm SO paranoid about losing it. But I think I won't because I take really good care of it. I use it when I hand draft things. 

My fiery girl pen holder. A girl in chains in fire is on there. It's from Mexico. I just love the drama of it. That pen with the bar code in there was given to me by Nalini Singh during a signing. It's metallic pink, and I have horded it instead of used it because I like her. The green marker is a pen that I hook to my running bra when I run, along with a piece of paper so I can write down any ideas I get. Because it is so frustrating to get an idea and forget it, and that used to happen a lot to me when running. 

Yes, they end up messy, but usually I can read them. 

The weird tree. The little sign there says Don't Bug Me. I had this since I was like in 3rd grade. I totally don't know where it came from, but I really like it now. 

One of these guys are always around somewhere. 

Friends of my desk!  I hope your desk is filled with friends, too. 


Midnyte Reader said…
I'm so impressed you still have your favorite pen. I lose things every 2 minutes. Also, the kitties are cute.
Carolyn Crane said…
Thanks! lol. It is sort of amazing I hung onto it like that. The kitties thank you, too!
Tez Miller said…
Papa Cazzy chose well :-)

That photo of your boys is just too adorable. Kitteh hugs! :-)
Jenn Bennett said…
Awesome, Carolyn. I collect fortune cookie fortunes on the pin board behind my writing desk. :)
Barbara E. said…
I loved seeing the friends of your desk. I have lots of little things too, like the small turtle a friend gave me, the tiny alien I got with a giveaway prize, and I even have a couple of rubber duckies too - mine are springtime ducks with flowers around their heads. It's so nice to surround ourselves with those little things we like to keep close.
Carolyn Crane said…
Tez: lol have you noticed how much mileage I get out of that one kitty pic? lol.

Jenn: You must photograph your pin board one of these days!!

Barbara: OH, I love the sound of those flowerhead duckies. lol. Yes, it's nice to have that fun around.
B.E. Sanderson said…
Thanks for the tour of your desk, Carolyn. It looks like a fun place to create. =o)
Carolyn Crane said…
Thanks, BE! It is..most days!
Mario Acevedo said…
...not THAT soap incident!
Amanda Tamayo said…
What pretty kitties! I have 4, myself - 2 girls (4yo Sasha, a tiny maine coon; 5yo Sheri, a pudgy but lusciously-soft tuxie) and 2 boys (brothers Jet (black, heart-stealer) and Greyson (silver, talks constantly and loudly...even a CAT shouldn't have THAT much to say!!) ), so I am ***NEVER*** without feline company. Even no bathroom stop is too short for SOME sort of Feline Intervention - sometimes it's so important that I shower that ALL FOUR of them will be crowding me into the WC, insisting that I please shower NOW....
Although that might just have more to do with the fact that they can all corner me easily in such a small space, and therefore all try.
Carolyn Crane said…
Mario: lol! no comment.

Amanda: Sounds like you have your hands (and bathroom) full! What is it about cats and bathrooms anyway??

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