The Soap Index

I have a confession. It's been years since I've bought a bar of soap. Now before you say, "Yewww...I knew it, you dirty Mexican," I have plenty of soap and I use it. See, every time I stay in a hotel, I walk off with as many of the complimentary bars of soap as I can. Here's a sample of what I've collected:

  I keep the bars in a bucket under the sink. The bucket was once full, and now it's down to half. I haven't taken a vacation since I've been published as every stay away from home involves a writing function of some kind. I'm in between contracts--as it were--and there's nothing new to promote so I'm not on the road much. Hence, my bars of hotel soap are dwindling. So my challenge to you. Pray to the publishing gods and to the world's readers; ask them to send Mario mucho writer mojo. If for no other reason than to keep me clean! Who knows, one day I might sit next to you on a plane.


I pray that the goddess Hygieia finds your mojo

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