Needs, peeves, gets...

Writer Needs:

1 Brain, preferably in operational condition

1 Computer.

I had banged out my first novel on a typewriter, not it wasn't even electric. It was an orange and white Russian typewriter. The novel was absolutely awful, and I'm surprised it didn't break the poor machine. I still remember the typewriter fondly, but I don't care to write on one.

1 Idea

6-8 books in support of background of the idea

No internet

Writer Peeves:

I like to write in complete quiet.

The house should be clean.

The dinner is either prepared or be ready to go into the oven at a moment's notice

The window should be open to permit fresh air in.

I like to have a glass of chilled sangria by my desk.

Writer Gets:

A couple of hours a night, surrounded by cats, kids, and husband, who is playing some RPG on a computer accompanied to some alternative music soundtrack, interrupted by making dinner (house is usually clean thanks to the kids), explanation of percentages, listening to long stories about "stuff that happened at school", dealing with a full mailbox of emails, and worrying about that precious piece of paper I may have misplaced at my day job and really need to find.

Writer peeves? What peeves? We are not allowed peeves. :)

That's how my three novels were written. Now your turn. Tell me what your needs are. How do you write?

PS: Winner of the MB/MB contests are : Scooper, Tez Miller, and Infernus1218

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