Publishing ROADKILL: A Contest of Sorts

Yes, I realize that title could be about me, what with my struggles (cue violins), but not this time. Nope. Today's contest is all about Rob Thurman (insists she's not a man), the author of the Cal Leandros urban fantasy series, or so I'm told--haven't read them, though I'm certain they're adequate--I kid, it's at the very least fantastic.

roadkill mech.indd

A while back, a friend of mine, Kat Richardson (Greywalker series), attended DragonCon and hung out with Rob (not short for Robert, as far as I can tell **not verified**), drinks were consumed and apparently, to hear Kat tell it, Rob turned out to be a crazy long-haired Mark Henry doppelganger, only tiny and more geeky...a lot more. So when she popped up on Twitter--late, I might add--I decided to get her to follow me, because I'm a fan of the reverse stalking. And she did, of course.

Crazy attracts crazy.

A couple of months later she'd infiltrated the League of Reluctant Adults and filled us all in on her plight to survive in the dog eat cat world of publishing. Times are hard for urban fantasy's littlest transgendered author and I hope you can help.


Her new novel, ROADKILL, releases today, March 2nd, and needs your support. Do you like the show Supernatural? Do you like hot guys in tight jeans with monsters in their pockets? Do you like embarrassing pictures of midlist authors? Well, all this week, I'll be humiliating Rob in an attempt to flip her mild midwestern aesthetic into some gangsta ass shit (see inset).

AND...there's a contest.

I'm putting together a photocollage of my efforts in ridicule, which I shall frame lovingly and get Rob herself to sign for one lucky winner!


Since I haven't read Nightlife (the first in the Cal Leandros series), I'll be snarking up a copy as I go. Jotting secret notes and other horrors and generally making fun of Rob. THEN...another lucky winner will win the evidence.

That's right. To say these prizes are GRAND is an understatement. One of a kind, bitches. So, you're asking, what do I have to do to help my favorite trannie and get ahold of some high art?

It's easy.

1. Buy a copy of ROADKILL by Rob Thurman

2. Scan the receipt and email to me (at) markhenry (dot) us. NOT mark (at) markhenry (dot) us! Since that one doesn't exist.

3. Twitpic a copy of the receipt to @mark_henry

4. Sit back and congratulate yourself on your intelligence and sexual allure.

I'll choose the winners next week, probably on Monday, either way, you'll know. That's it. Super easy. Plus you were going to buy them shits anyway, right?

**Quick Note: I have no clue why crossposting this from wordpress makes it go crazypants formatting**


Hagelrat said…
they are awesome books! I love them and can't wait to get hold of a copy of Roadkill. (is it out in the UK too?)
I get my copy of 'Roadkill' from my favourite bookstore tomorrow and can barely contain myself. I want to read it NOW!

Hagelrat, I live in Australia and it's available here. If your local bookstore doesn't have it, you could order it in or there's always The Book Depository, who deliver free to most places on the planet, even Australia.
Moonsanity said…
I need to go into the city to get mine because I live in the boonies, but it's worth it for Cal & Niko, I mean Rob. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
T.M. Thomas said…
Deliliah's hair on the cover makes me think she's related to Kat.

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