All kinds of goodies

1. I have just learned that there is a DJ in my market named Dick Havoc. On the same station there is another DJ named Ruby Cheeks. (This is KDKB in Phoenix.) I give this to you without comment.
2. I'm having a little shindig in celebration of the release of TRICKED in April because I've always wanted to have a shindig. It's at a pub rather than a bookstore; in fact, it's at Rula Bula, the Irish pub mentioned in my books—yes, it's for real! If you'd like to go, I'm giving away two tickets on my blog.
3. Atticus O'Sullivan is being featured in Suvudu's Cage Match. So is Evy Stone (Kelly Meding) and Chess Putnam (Stacia Kane)! They could all use your love and mouse clicks in advancing through the tournament. It's fun to geek out on the Cage Match if you haven't ever done it before. Good times!
4. Del Rey released an e-book only omnibus of the first three books in The Iron Druid Chronicles, in case you or your friends/family/ferrets have not read them yet. They're selling it for $20, so you'll save $4, which is almost enough these days to get yourself a small cup of hot milk and flavored syrup at Starbucks! WOOHOO! The omnibus can be found for the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony e-reader, all that jazz. And it includes the first chapter of TRICKED!
5. Dick Havoc. Ruby Cheeks.


Brenda Hyde said…
I thought it was kind of hard to find but then again I'm only on my second cup of coffee this morning. O_O Here is the direct URL to the cage match:

Atticus is kicking ass!
Carolyn Crane said…
I wish I could come to your shindig! I love shindigs!!

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