Not at SDCC

Alas, I wish I was.

But even so, I had my son's 9th birthday party to celebrate today...and you know that laser tag and pizza with a bunch of little boys is *almost* as good as hanging out with all the brilliant stars and cosplayers in SDCC, right?

Anyway, short post today simply because I have a lot of company in town and things ran away from me time-wise. (Plus I had the added bonus of taking Tumbleweed to the vet yesterday -> bonus pictures here, if you're interested in seeing what  hedgehog looks like after she's been gassed so she can be examined. I live a charmed life, clearly.)

Next month I'll have a primo post - simply because it's right after AAD in NoLA, so lots of good things coming then! (And right now, it's all about finding some great swag to give away!) :)


Danielle DeVor said…
Can't wait for this book!

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