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Nicole's Naughty Review of Avatar

As some of you already know, I did a serious-ish blog post on Avatar yesterday, over on my site. Mark Henry responded by berating me about not talking about the mud jism or the smurf sex, saying I might not really be a Leaguer for such an infraction. So here it is: Nicole’s Naughty Review of Avatar First of all, where the bitch’s nipples? The dudes have nipples, and the women wear these necklace/breast plate thingamabobs that appear to be designed to cover nipples . . . yet there are no nipples! Sometimes there seems to be a hint of nipple, but then there is one scene where Hot Blue Princess Lady (henceforth referred to as HBPL) is leaning over Always Hot Even as a Racked Smurf Sam Worthington (henceforth referred to as AHERSSW) cause he’s taken a tumble, or something, and her necklace falls forward. Revealed there is her boobie, in all its perfectly globular globularity, SANS NIPPLES. Secondly, we gotta talk about the braid/flash drive/possible genitalia. As my former student pointed


Hey All! I just wanted to remind you that NICE GIRLS DON'T LIVE FOREVER officially hits the shelves on Tuesday. Also, I've got two interviews/events/contests going right now: Amberkatze's Book Blog Elie (Ellz Readz) And I'll be making an appearance at the Whine Sisters , courtesy of Sherry Erwin, on Thursday.

This Seasons Greetings is Just For the Ladies!

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Happy Holidays!

Okay, I admit it-- I'm not nearly as clever as other Leaguers who compose poems and little ditties to celebrate the holidays, but here’s my contribution: Three Christmas pics for your viewing pleasure. The first is a Christmas tree made from books. The Adelaide Hills Council Library Service in Woodside, South Australia put this one together. The tree is made from used books for the body, magazine pages for the stars and cassette tape for the tinsel--all old library stock left over from the last book sale. Now that's recycling! The second is a Christmas tree decorated with books. Chicklet Books' display is part of the Princeton, NJ Merchants Window Display. The booksellers at Chicklet, also made a menorah out of books. And what would Christmas be without Santa! Lady K has him captivated by her list. Hope she (and all of you) have fun this holiday, stay warm, enjoy time with your family and friends. Just think, in a little more than a week, we start a new year with all its

Santa Wicket sees into your soul, naughty folks

In the spirit of the holidays, I give you a little ditty of mine about the woes of being a struggling writer. MSS is, of course, shorthand for manuscript. Enjoy and may my kitteh help make you ded of the cute this holiday season! The Twelve Days of WriteMSS aka, The Write-mare Before Christmas (with apologies to the yuletide spirit) On the first day of WriteMSS my true love sent to me A cartridge full of black ink. On the second day of WriteMSS my true love sent to me Two white reams and A cartridge full of black ink. On the third day of WriteMSS my true love sent to me Three red pens Two white reams and A cartridge full of black ink. On the fourth day of WriteMSS my true love sent to me Four copyedits Three red pens Two white reams and A cartridge full of black ink. On the fifth day of WriteMSS my true love sent to me Five weeks til deadline Four copyedits Three red pens Two white reams and A cartridge full of black ink. On

The Holidays, Urban Fantasy Style

Giguhl wants to wish you happy holidays, bitches. Also, to celebrate the magic of the season, I've composed a heartwarming melody that's sure to become an instant holiday classic: The Twelve Days of an Urban Fantasy Heroine.


Hey all! I'll be doing a joint event with Jill Myles at Bitten By Books starting tomorrow at noon. Come by and ask a question or leave a comment and you could win a copy of my newest book NICE GIRLS DON'T LIVE FOREVER. RSVP here .

The Right-After Life

We were watching one of our fave tv shows, wherein the smartass host gets himself into such stenchy situations we're continuously amazed that he doesn't puke right into the camera lens. Yup, I'm talking about Dirty Jobs . Last night we saw the one where he took twelve hours to make one firework, which the guy who does it every day said would've taken him fifteen minutes. The guy also said he sometimes gets requests from families for him to pack the fireworks with the remains of their loved ones. As in, yeah, their ashes. Imagine sending your last material bits up into the sky for a final, sparkly blastoff. Oooo. Aaahh. The idea has merit. So I'm thinking, yeah, maybe. Either that, or I'd like to be dumped in a public pool and mistaken for some toxic substance that would cause a mass exodus along the lines of the famous candy bar scene from Caddyshack . I'm still debating. What's the oddest after-life wish you've ever heard of someone making?

Guest Blogger: Shiloh Walker

Thanks to the members here at the League for letting me pop in… I appreciate it! Want to know a word I hear a lot? It’s why . It’s a question I get asked a lot. From my kids… ie: Mom, why do I have to pick up my room? Why do I have to put up my clothes? From my darling husband who can’t understand why I love to curl up in a hot bath with a book and a glass of wine… with the door locked . (Moms everywhere probably understand the answer to that one.) I get it from people I used to work with when they ask me about my writing. I get it from people I meet at booksignings, who want to know why I have a picture of a sexy chick standing next to an over-sized cougar. Why do you write that kind of stuff ? That’s the why I’m going to talk about today. Except I’m not going to answer the why . I’m going to answer the why not. Why not write hot paranormal romances? I love hot paranormal romances. I mean, I’ve got an entire shelf in the DVD cabinet devoted to BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

The League RAWKS the RT Book Awards Noms!

Aw HELLZ yeah! Thas right. Four. Count 'em. Four League members up for RT awards this year. In the Best Vampire Romance Category... In the Best Paranormal Fiction Category... Sadly, the rest of us have been judged somehow lacking. Luckily we have switchblades to remedy this situation in the future. Seriously, Congratulations ladies, you make us proud as new parents of a baby that doesn't have three arms.

On the Hot Seat

So THREE DAYS TO DEAD is up for discussion today at Bitten By Books . Pop on over to chat about the book, answer a few questions, and be entered into their giveaway! Come on, you know you wanna. :)

Things I Like

Hi all! First of all, I want to apologize for being such a terrible Leaguer the past few months. Releasing a book is a LOT more work than I thought it would be. I thought I'd just sit back and not even notice . . . and that's not how it works. Anyway, things are finally settling down and I promise never to ignore the League so badly again. Until Tracking releases. Today I wanted to give you another installment of Things I Like. As usual, some recent music that has (quite literally) been rocking my socks. Both of these bands have been around for a while, but I just heard them for the first time. And the second I heard both of them, I was hooked . Like, staring at the speakers and drooling on myself hooked . The first band is the Editors. OMG that voice: I get chills! Chills! Then I get kinda warm . . . like "I climbed the rope in gym class" kinda warm. I feel similarly gym-rope-enhanced when I first heard this second band, Sea Wolf: The next Thing I Like is Gail Carri

The Spinny Kiss

You know the scene. It's in every movie with a decent smooch. The lovers lock eyes. Then they lock lips. Then the camera seems to dance around them. Or are they standing on a huge lazy-susan operated by a team of ponies with pink bows braided into their manes? If so . . . I gotta get me one. Talk about a great backyard fun-ride. Spinny-kissifier combined with twirling office chair? I'm thinking hours of work-avoiding pleasure at my fingertips. What would you do with a contraption like that?

Cause When You Think of Sarah Palin and Augusten Burroughs....

You think of Molly Harper. This has to go down as the Most Random Publicity Mention Ever, but it's pretty cool. Thank you, CanWest News Service !

Save Amanda Feral!!!

Click on the pic for your chance to win an ARC of Battle of the Network Zombies! The zombie you save could be mine. **sobs**

Contests and Surveys, oh my!

First of all, I'm running a wee contest to win both a copy of Tempest Rising together with a copy of Gail Carriger's FANTABULOUS Soulless , over at my site. Come check it out ! And there's also a cover contest/survey going on here , in which you'll recognize quite a few leaguers! And I know you want to vote for us! I know it! Finally, there's still time to come ask me some questions at Bitten By Books ! And to enjoy a little vloggage. Awesome.