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Blue-Blooded Vamp

So it's Tuesday, and if you spend any amount of time hanging around places where authors congregate, you might know that Tuesday is a very important day for book people. It's important because it's the day when most book stores lay out new stock, a.k.a. release day. This particular Tuesday happens to be the day that many booksellers will likely be laying out my new book.* But it's not just the release of any Jaye Wells book--it's the fifth and final book in my Sabina Kane series. BLUE-BLOODED VAMP represents the culmination of five years of work. Maybe that doesn't sound like a lot of time to authors who have series with 13 or 20 book, but since this is the first series I've ever written, it's significant to me. I have learned so much about myself and about being a writer and about the craft of writing writing these books. I'm proud of them. It's also, I hope, significant to the readers who have followed Sabina and the rest of Team Awesome


First off, I'd like to apologize about last month's blog post. I was so deep into revisions for A Trace of Moonlight that I completely forgot. (A few days later, I was like "Wasn't I supposed to...crap.") The good news is that revisions for ToM are finally done and I'm just waiting for copy edits now. And playing catch-up with everything else. Speaking of ToM - there is a cover for it floating around on Amazon and elsewhere on the web - please note that cover was leaked and is not final. It's a pretty low quality image and as far as I know, my publisher is still working on a few of the changes I requested. When the official cover comes out, it will be up on my website ASAP.  :) Otherwise, things are in a sort of lazy medium. I've started a few new projects, but I've given myself a couple of weeks to give my brain a bit of a rest. Which means that days like yesterday's Mother's Day was spent doing nothing but putting Lego Avenger kits

Celebrating Moms

Since my day to blog here at the League fell on Mother's Day, I thought I'd do a post around the topic of mothers. I've been lucky enough to have had a good relationship with my mother for my whole life. I haven't always lived close by, but I know I'm loved and that I can depend on her (and in case you were curious, I'm tight with my dad, too, but this is about mothers). It's funny, though, that the majority of the characters I write about either have absentee mothers, bad mothers, or dead mothers. Evangeline* Stone's mother died when Evy was a kid, and before that she was a pretty terrible mother. Wyatt's mother is dead, too. The only genuine mother/child relationship I can think of in the Dreg City books are Aurora/Ava. (*On the other hand, we haven't had a chance to look at the relationship between Chalice Frost and her mother, which was supposed to be part of book five….) In MetaWars, all of the main characters are orphans. Althou

Seattle has a supervillain

When you live in a world of fiction, it's sometimes hard to return to the real world and accept its truths. Like, most romantic banter isn't all that witty or even really bantery. Magical forces can't be summoned in times of need. And there are no superheroes and villains waging epic battles in our midst. Until now. Meet Rex Velvet, Seattle's self-proclaimed "people's villain." I admit, I was surprised to learn that Seattle had a supervillain who was challenging our city's superheroes because I hadn't known we had those either. But, apparently unbeknownst to me, Seattle's been a battleground for costumed superheroes walking our streets. Their leader is named Phoenix Jones , who appears to be the main target for Rex Velvet's villainy. Rex released a video on YouTube earlier this month, calling out Phoenix and stating that Seattle would no longer put up with costumed antics. Rex's declaration caused a ripple of excitement in the i

Lost (or Found) in Translation

So... The Avengers was frick'n awesome! (That's not really what this blog is about but seriously... HOLY CRAP that was a great movie) To loosely tie the movie into the topic at hand, The Avengers is a movie where the comic book characters translated very well to the screen. It's a hard thing to do, to take something which looks good drawn and make it look equally awesome on the screen. Marvel has been doing a fantastic job with the jump from page to screen lately. Some things changed... Banner was trying to discover a super soldier serum rather than creating a Gamma Bomb. But it worked. Getting back to that picture up there of the French cover for ReVamped by yours truly, though. One cool thing about translations is that they sometimes give you even more than you bargained for. Nick Fury, for example, is made so much cooler via Samuel L. Jackson's portrayal that, in the Ultimates universe at least, Nick Fury now even looks the same as his movie counterpart. "Jerem

New cover! (Ooooh, Shiny!)

The cover for the anthology I'm doing with Jessica Sims and Katie McAllister in September!