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Tools of the Trade

(Cross posted at On Literary Intent ) When I’m stuck for blog topics, I often poll my friends to see what things they’d like to hear me babble about. Most often, one (or more) of them says “Hey, tell us more about the swords and stuff that you talk about in your books.” And I’ve been hesitant to do that, mostly because I don’t consider my knowledge on the subject that extensive. I know just as much as I need to know to make sure that I don’t look like an idiot in my writing. If I started claiming to be some expert, I'd be a big fat liar. However, that said… My hubby and I own a LOT of swords. A LOT. And most (99.99%) of them were made by the crew at a place called Badger Blades . I love these guys/gals, not just because they make awesome weaponry, but because they’re awesome people. We’ve known them a long time, long enough that they’ve seen my kiddo grow from infancy (where they spoiled her rotten) to almost-tween (gods help me) and they still spoil

Romantic Times Roundup!

Hi folks! Nicole here. Another Romantic Times has come and gone, and I've got the spinning brainz to prove it. :-) Here's a picture round up of the bulk of the action. The first day I got in, I spent a lot of time with Heather Osborn, Jaye Wells, Suzanne McLeod, and Liliana Hart. Here's some photographic evidence: Jaye and I had to be on relatively good behavior, as our Editrix, Devi, was in attendance. Here she is doing her Eye of Sauron impersonation, if Sauron got excited about his new (adorable) bag: I of course found myself wearing another mustache: And Suzanne and Jaye ended up in the pokey: Not least because Jaye nearly threw herself at Anne Rice. Here she is vaklempt at signing next to Anne on someone's tote: Meanwhile, I'm all professional, and shit: Not least as I was on Sheriff duties the Samhain Stampede: For all our hard work, Zombie Joe brought us cupcakes: And all in all we had a brilliant time. Here's me, Richelle Mead, Jeanne C. Stein, and Hea

Update and CHANGELING Snippet

Cross-post from my blog. So I've been quiet lately, and I know I kind of left folks hanging a little with my last Organized Chaos post . I want to start by saying thank you to everyone for your kind words and support of the Dreg City books. It means a lot to know there are readers out there clambering for more of Evy and her friends. The good news is that I will, in all likelihood, self-publish the rest of the series. I can't tell you when, because I have other projects in the pipe right now, but I hope to have something new for readers, even if it's just a short story, by the end of the year. Maybe the first of 2013. I will keep y'all posted as that develops. The Sekrit Project is also finished and in the hands of both my agent and my crit partner. I'm pretty excited about this trilogy, because it is centered around my favorite supernatural creature: shifters. I'm also gearing up for the release of CHANGELING (MetaWars #2) on June 26, so to round out the post,

First Sentence Snafu

Being an author can be stressful. Deciding which mansion to buy, eating unpeeled grapes, the constant paparazzi... the list is endless. But you know what takes the cake? Having the first line of your book accidentally left out of the book. Sound like a nightmare? Imagine if you were Mary Robinette Kowal and discovered, on the day that Glamour in Glass hit the shelves, that your first sentence just simply didn't make it to the final copy -- despite reviewing copy edits and page proofs. Now Mary took that lemon and made the best lemonade ever, including digital bookmarks with the first sentence on it...and a promise that she will handwrite the first sentence into the book for every person who shows up to one of her signings. For the full monty on what Mary is doing to get the first sentence out to her audience, check out her awesome blog post . And hey - show Mary your love by buying a copy or twenty of Glamour in Glass. You can buy it instantly at the Book Depository , your favorit

Sad Fashion confession

Cross-posted from The Thrillionth Page Yesterday, while typing away at my WIP, I heard the sound of the mailman down at the building entrance and realized I'd forgotten to send my insurance payment, which is egregiously late! I scribbled a check, all the codes, slapped on a stamp, and burst out, running down the sidewalk after him in my slippers and office clothes to give it to him. Pictured: the sweater I wore to chase/scare the mailman.  And then walking back to the condo, past people waiting for the bus etc. I realized: OMG WTF am I wearing?  The answer: rags. I bring you exhibit A: my favorite sweater of 2008. Somewhere in my clothes-challenged mind, I still think of it the day I got it from Kohls, new. So pretty. I would also direct your attention to my generously vented favorite office pants. I do love them. The fabric is just too thin even to patch. I have two other similar pairs. It is kind of crazy, what I wear every day. The degree of decrepitude.  Working at