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Guest Leaguer: Suzanne McLeod

Today we welcome friend of the League and awesome urban fantasy author Suzanne McLeod to dish about her upcoming release, THE SHIFTING PRICE OF PREY. And look--she brought cupcakes, candy and bacon! I guess we'll have to forgive her now for her very odd (read: British) spelling habits.  # Hello, and thanks to Jaye and the Leaguers for having me over to visit. Like any good guest I come bearing delicious sugary comestibles! Food is something I like to have fun with— no, I don’t mean in that way! And don’t give me those innocent looks; I know what y’all are like over here. *g* Right, back to food and having fun . . . in the writerly way, which for me is when what a character likes to eat (or read, or wear, or whatever) is the result of deep authorly reflections on worldbuilding and hours of internet procrastination, err, I mean, research! So first up, bacon! Mmmmm . . . Bacon . . . Well, it’ll come as no surprise to fellow bacon lovers that Genny (the book

Adventures in Shelving

For the last six years our books have been stored in a three-drawer bureau... and a hope chest.... and the TV cabinet.... and under our bed. We have a lot of books. So David and I decided to add a bookshelf all around the top edge of our bedroom like a wallpaper border. We only managed to fill half of the bookshelves. I have to buy more books. (Poor me.) While I was stocking the shelf, I realized a few things- one, that I'm not tough enough to be a librarian! My arms are so sore. Other observations: -The first book I put on the shelf was "Writing Romance Novels for Dummies." When I bought it, I was young and thought that possessing those books somehow guarenteed that I would someday be published. - I collect copies of "Pride and Prejudice" like crazy people collect copies of "Catcher in the Rye." - I own enough Ann Rule "woman snaps and kills her husband in a grisly manner" books to make David pretty nervou

My AAD Highlights

Rather than give a full update about the AAD con, I'm just going to focus on a few of the more interesting shenanigans. (And with so many Leaguers out and about, you know there are some good ones...though I'll only mention the ones I was involved with, including eating a place that served...Clover Weenies. Pure Beef Pleasure, yo. And yes, that *does* say that "select members of our staff are available for private parties" under there. Feel free to use your sordid imagination any way you like. ) 1) Cupcakes - League friend @Zombie_Joe was awesome enough to show up with some home-made themed cupcakes. Mark Henry and Jaye Wells each got a did I - specifically known as the HornyCorn. (Made with corn and pig candy, no less...pretty much a perfect combination, all the way around. And yes. Horns.) 2) Red Dress Race. Nothing to do with AAD at all, but there is still something surreal to see thousands of people drunkenly staggering around

My AAD stress dreams, and leaguers in New Orleans!

So, a number of us leaguers will be at the Authors After Dark conference in New Orleans this coming week--Nicole Peeler, Diana Rowland, Allison Pang, Kelly Meding, Mark Henry, Dakota Cassidy, Jaye Wells and yours truly. (did I get everybody??)  So, if you're in the New Orleans area, you should totally come to the big public book signing--it's on Saturday August 11th from 2-4 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. We'll all be there signing books with a boatload of other authors.   I'm really looking forward to it! However, I realized I must be really stressed out about being ready for it becuase I just tossed and turned all night. Here, some brief scenes from my stress dreams: 1 . Distracted by a surprise meeting with  Nicole Peeler  at the New Orleans airport, I forget to meet my galpal  Julie  at our arranged rendezvous time for our ride together from the airport to the hotel. 2.  Julie does not make it to the conference for two whole days, something I only rea