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Contest Winners Posted

Over at On Literary Intent ! Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

Giveaway Time!

Eighteen days, can you believe it???  Eighteen days until the release of A WOLF AT THE DOOR . So what’s a person to do, when they have to wait 18 whole days?  Try to win a copy in a giveaway, of course! So that’s what I’m doing.  I will be giving away not one, not two, but FOUR copies of A WOLF AT THE DOOR.  Here is how it works. You can leave a comment on this post.  That’s one entry. You can leave a comment on my blog post .  That’s another entry. You can leave a comment on my JJD Facebook page .  Yet another entry! And you can leave me a comment on Twitter with the hashtag #sellyoursoulcontest That’s FOUR entries for very little effort, but you have to leave the comments before midnight, Central time, on Tuesday July 24 th .   I will be giving away one book from each site, to be announced next Wednesday, July 25 th .  The idea being that if the winners get back to me quick, I can mail all the books on Saturday and you should have them well before

Not at SDCC

Alas, I wish I was. But even so, I had my son's 9th birthday party to celebrate today...and you know that laser tag and pizza with a bunch of little boys is *almost* as good as hanging out with all the brilliant stars and cosplayers in SDCC, right? Anyway, short post today simply because I have a lot of company in town and things ran away from me time-wise. (Plus I had the added bonus of taking Tumbleweed to the vet yesterday -> bonus pictures here , if you're interested in seeing what  hedgehog looks like after she's been gassed so she can be examined. I live a charmed life, clearly.) Next month I'll have a primo post - simply because it's right after AAD in NoLA, so lots of good things coming then! (And right now, it's all about finding some great swag to give away!) :)

Come See Da League at SDCC

If you happen to be in San Diego this week for one of the coolest frick'n cons in existence, you will of course be concerned not with how to get your spot as a Survivor in the Walking Dead Petco event, but with how to find the maximum amount of the League of Reluctant Adults all in one place. Right?   So far, it looks like your best bet is:   Comic Con--San Diego CA, San Diego Convention Center, July 12 2012 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM Saturday, 7/14/12 10:30—11:30 AM, Room: 5AB HOT TOWN: FAERIES IN THE CITY Description: Imagine having to battle paranormal beings while managing work and family and a love life. Caught in the midst of love triangles, the supernatural, vampires, Celtic gods, monsters in NYC, slayers in San Diego and more...these authors know that our world is not always what it seems and they like it that way. 1. Kevin Hearne (The Iron Druid Chronicles) 2. Kat Richardson (SEAWITCH, August 2012/Greywalker Series) 3. Jennifer Bosworth (STRUCK) 4. Anton Strout (Simon Canderous