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Your Reading Assignments

X-posted from my Blog. It's been a while since I've pimped out a book anywhere other than Twitter/Facebook. What can I say? Busy trying to salvage a career here. I really don't want to sling fries with the pimple set. Ever. So I come out of my manuscript cloud (picture letters and crumpled paper flying around the room like a monkey flings its own crap), to talk about a book and a series that I REALLY love. I'm talking about Stacia Kane's UNHOLY GHOSTS . Stace and I met, like so many authors, online and hit it off, probably because we're both very, very wrong. She and I were founding members of the League of Reluctant Adults--way back when there were just five of us--and started beta reading each other's shit. Which brings me back to UNHOLY GHOSTS . I've had the chance to read all three of the books in the series (the other two are UNHOLY MAGIC and CITY OF GHOSTS) and I'm here to tell you, this is groundbreaking stuff. Now, I'm not a HUGE fan of

Interview with My Mommy

Would you like to know what sort of person raised yours truly? Click here to read an interview between my mom, Judy Harper, and They're going to take away my "Big Girl Author" card, aren't they?

Slinking back into the paranormal fold

OK, so I don't have a paranormal romance coming out this year, BUT there is proof that I haven't completely abandoned my paranormal roots. The page for the first installment in my new werewolf romance series has been posted here . HOW TO FLIRT WITH A NAKED WEREWOLF, is about Mo, who moves from Mississippi to Alaska to get away from her intrusive hippie parents. She settles into her new Yukon digs, getting a job at the local diner and getting along well with her new neighbors... with the exception of the hot, grumpy hunting guide who seems to disappear during the full moon... Really, I'm just posting this so the other authors don't kick me out of the League for being a genre traitor.

And the Worst Leaguer EVER Award Goes To . . .

ME! For not blogging in FOREVAH. I am so sorry, my muffins. I have been hella busy with all sorts of shenanigans. I will reveal all, soon. But in the meantime I've posted a vlog reading from my second book, here . Tracking the Tempest comes out in July, folks, something I cannot get over. If you're feeling like you can't go another minute with a little Jane True, however, you can always order her in GERMAN. Which is so cool, although from the cove r you'd think I wrote Splash . Not that I didn't enjoy Splash , especially that scene where Daryl Hannah bites right into that lobster in the fancy restaurant! She's just wacky! I'd also like to point out my new favorite bands, both of which are getting me through my finals grading. The first I've already blogged about over at my site, but I'm enjoying them so much I'll do it again: It's Beirut and I ADORE them. I also think that video is so sexy-ridiculous. They're all wearing elephant trunks,

Let the RT X-Posting Begin...

For those of you not in the know, the Romantic Times Booklover's Convention is a near week-long immersion course in the language of erotica, drunken debauchery and high camp. Well, maybe that's just what I go for and seek to create. Others, more sedate others, might just see it as an opportunity to chat with friends, attend seminars and connect with readers to talk about books. I love all that too, I just like to inject the naughty wherever I can. I think you understand. Last Tuesday, six sleep-deprived authors (Lauren Dane, Kat Richardson, Richelle Mead, Shelli Stevens and TJ Michaels) shambled onto a plane bound for Columbus, OH. None of us had ever been, nor ever thought we'd visit this midwestern capital, yet seven hours later, we were there, rushing like a line of gerbils up Richard Gere's ass to catch a shuttle to the hotel. A shuttle driven by the crankiest driver in all of Ohio. I'm not exaggerating. This guy was in such a hurry, he played the "What ab

More Werewolf VS Vampire (Rough)

The rough sketch edition of my first Werewolf VS Vampire comic strip is up now . You'll probably want to click the image so you can see my shoddy artwork in all its... um... "glory".

Werewolf VS Vampire

Somewhere... out in the night. Somewhere relatively warm, surrounded by readers, other writers, and basking (no doubt) in the healthy glow of various buff and incredibly handsome cover models is the bulk of the League. I dare say there may even be alcohol involved. They have travelled to the magical land that is Romantic Times. But not me. I’m writing. In fact, I just wrote the sentence: "While Juan went on talking about rescuing a cat, I tried to picture the dead guy I left unrezzed in the morgue." So, you know, there's undeniable proof for you. ;) But what is my point? I'll tell you. Just moments ago I realized that THE BLOG IS MINE (and maybe Anton's... and whoever else didn't go to the con...and sure we have to give it back... and okay, so the others might still go ahead and post from the con as well, but...) ALL MINE!!! BWAHAHA! Run for your lives! Quake before the power, the madness, the insanity... of an author who up too late and being A