The Spinny Kiss

You know the scene. It's in every movie with a decent smooch. The lovers lock eyes. Then they lock lips. Then the camera seems to dance around them. Or are they standing on a huge lazy-susan operated by a team of ponies with pink bows braided into their manes? If so . . . I gotta get me one. Talk about a great backyard fun-ride. Spinny-kissifier combined with twirling office chair? I'm thinking hours of work-avoiding pleasure at my fingertips.

What would you do with a contraption like that?


I think you just exploded my mind... What Would I Do With That?!

What WOULDN"T I do with that?

I would have to see how integration of multiple kissers affected the spinning velocity, as well as weight distribution and the use of massage oil.

And then....

Jeremy F. Lewis said…
At first glance, I misread that as Spiny Kiss...
Jeremy - Ditto! Totally was thinking spikes and teeth....
Falcata Times said…
Errmmm, would ramp up the speed of the cam and see what it would do.

Would it create a mini whirlwind?

Would I be able to cause a new centre of gravity?

What would happen to the space time continuim inside the spinning cam against what was happening outside?

Ooohhh the hours of fun, oh and of course to help fund it, I'd put someone on the seat and see how long it took them to puke along with the spray arch. LOL
Jennifer Rardin said…
Ah, Sweet Vernal Zephyr, massage oil is always the catalyst, isn't it?

Well, Jeremy, porcupines gotta get their lovin' too.

And how many ponies could you get to vomit onto the lovers? That, alone, would be worth the experiment, Falcata Times!

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