Jane's Voice! Yay!

I was trawling through my Amazon sites today and I discovered that they've announced who is reading Jane for my audibooks! A woman named Kate Reinders! Here's a clip from some of her work:

Kate Reinders from Walleye Pictures & Sound on Vimeo.

I really like her in the second group of clips. And she reminds me quite a bit of Kristin Chenoweth, whom I adore. But what do ya think? Think she'll make a good Jane?


Elie said…
Nicole, hmmm
I don't know, she seems kind of high pitched. Jane seems stronger and less...squeaky.

Ok...hmmm. Not sure. The clips are all comedy, I am sure her inflection and tone will sound a lot different.

Whoa-that one needs an audio warning LOL good thing the little one was in the other room.
Nicole Peeler said…

LOL I know, it's all "TV Sitcom!" and then FILTH.

My thing was I wanted someone who could potentially sound normal. I've heard a lot of audiobooks where the actresses sound like actresses, or they're obviously 65 playing 25, etc. We'll see how she goes. ;-)

Carolyn Crane said…
I think this is great. I have always heard that comedians have more emotional range. I bet she'll do a fantastic job. I'm SO psyched!
Nicole Peeler said…
I just jizzed all over your comment box for your book trailer. SO FUCKING GOOD, Carolyn!! I WANT ONE! Why don't I have any talents???

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