RT nominees and Perverted Creatures of the Night

Call us self-serving, but as proud members of the League of Reluctant Adults, we're shouting the news. Take a look at this roster of Leaguer nominees for Romantic Times RT Bookreviewer's Awards.

Vampire Romance:

Michele Bardsley for Cross Your Heart

Paranormal Fiction:

Dakota Cassidy for My Way To Hell

Michelle Rowen for
Something Wicked

Molly Harper for Nice Girls Don't Live Forever

Though she's not a Leaguer, we have to give kudos to Biting-Edge ex-pat Marta Acosta for Haunted Honeymoon

Urban Fantasy Novel:

Jeanne Stein for Chosen

            Carolyn Crane for
                     Double Cross

Urban Fantasy Protagnonist:

Mark Henry for Battle of the Network Zombies

And though they're not technically Leaguers, these nominees deserve special mention for being such awesome writers and cool friends (and generous when it comes to paying bar tabs):

Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy Novel:

Paolo Bacigalupi for Ship Breaker

Science Fiction Novel:

Connie Willis for Blackout
and All Clear

And two more who are definitely Leaguer in spirit (i.e., open-minded in the way an author of erotic fiction should be), it's no surprise to learn these two wild and wooly women were nominated for:

Erotic Romance: Lauren Dane for Coming Undone

Erotic Fiction:
Megan Hart for

Sadly, we have to mention the recent passing of two film celebrities.

First, one of the most famous actors you might never heard of: Ingrid Pitt (born as Ingoushka Petrov in Poland 1937). Pitt survived the Nazi concentration camps, escaped communist east Berlin, and then worked in Hammer Horror Films, making the classics The Vampire Lovers and Countess Dracula. She also acted in other movies such as Doctor Zhivago and Where Eagles Dare.

Perverted creatures of the night...Yes!

And the great comedian Leslie Nielsen. "...and don't call me Shirley." Despite his pratfalls in Airplane and The Naked Gun, we'll always remember Nielsen as the dashing spaceship captain in Forbidden Planet.


Anonymous said…
Double Cross!! Cannot say enough good things about that book/series/author. Love it all. Dakota Cassidy is equally as awesome. One of the few people's Facebook updates I read because she is always saying something that cracks me up.

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven
Shain Brown said…
Yeah, for Mark Henry. I love his zombie creations.
GB said…
Congrats to all the Leaguers nominated! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you all.

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