El Pacto

So it turns out I managed to sell Spanish rights for A Brush of Darkness a few months ago...and here's the cover! :)  (And yes, it's already been pointed out that the girl on the cover and my author picture seem very much alike - i.e. head angle and expression. Total surprise on my part, but kinda cool.)

Looks like it's been renamed to "The Pact," but if you click on the pic, you'll see they put Phin on the cover. This delights me to no end.


It will be available for sale in October. :)

(And sorry for the utter lameness of this post, but it's my daughter's birthday today so things are bit crazy.)


Bets Davies said…
So I'm going to go ahead and break all politeness because I can't get your damn contact button to work (you should check that out).

So a chicken and an egg share a cigarette while sitting in the hay loft. The egg sighs. "Well I guess that settles THAT question."

I used to have a switchblade but one of my roommate's friends (back when I had one) stole it. So I have resorted to a butterfly knife.

The point: I love your guys. I'm hoping you will love me. Or at least my writing. Here's the blurb:

Gavin Lewis, 20, is the kind of guy who picks worms off the sidewalk so they don’t get squished. So, of course, when Gavin finds a naked girl in the People of the Bog exhibit, he takes her to his sarcastic, cynical best friend Topher Soper so they can take care of her, obviously in trouble.

Her confusion, her demeanor, and the fact she can heal wounds lead Topher to realize she is one of the bog mummies, reanimated. But they don’t know how.

How is Annie Miller, an anthropologist with a pension for necromancy. Albeit, the magic takes hold of her when her four-year-old daughter dies of cancer. Now Annie can bring her daughter back to life, but it takes the bog girl to heal her of cancer. Annie will let nothing get in the way of her daughter’s rebirth. As the three figure out the riddle to the bog girl, she must find her own rebirth into our world, even as Gavin and Topher need to learn live anew as well.

Thanks, guys, for your time, consideration, and I apologize about the unorthodox placement again (check that contact thing). I'll be here all week. Hope to hear from you soon.

Bets Davies
(734) 994-7588
(510) 393-9172
2317 North Circle Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Bets Davies said…
Rebirth's published by Platte River Press, by the way
Brenda Hyde said…
Okay-- ignoring the comment above O_O

Happy Birthday to your daughter:) I love the cover-- and that you're published in Spanish:)

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