Friday, September 16, 2011

Sometimes you just need a boat....

Life's been hectic and miserable at Chez Richardson lately and it's times like these--when everything explodes on you like an outhouse that's been rigged with cherry bombs--that you really need a boat.

So last Tuesday, this showed up at our marina just as the sun was going down:

Her name is Lady Washington. She was built in 1989, but she's a reproduction of an earlier boat also called the Lady Washington which was built in Massachusetts in the 1750s.

And in the morning, she was still there.

Take a nice, slow breath and say "isn't she pretty."

Because that's what I'm doing instead of killing the dog.


synde said...

that boat is beautiful.. really awesome..and you know what..Bella is pretty damn cute too..the cute ones always cause the trouble..

Miss Bliss said...

Ahhhhhhhh that is a lovely boat, darn near a ship. I bet sailing on that would make your heart sing. Oh that darn dog! There are two pitts that live across the street from us. This morning as I walked to my car the front door to the house over there was open and both dogs were standing in the doorway just surveying the neighborhood. Their heads swinging back and forth in unison as they heard different sounds. So cute.

Vickie said...

It's all about the balance. Dadgum dog! Oh, look! A lovely ship...sigh...that's balance...

Roxanne Skelly said...

Enjoy the little things in life, they take the edge off. Or in the case of the boat, the big things in life.

Is she gone yet? Maybe I should drag my butt down there to see her.

Brenda Hyde said...

She is beautiful-- I love ships. The doggie looks cute and ready to get into trouble. LOL

Sharon said...

I am not a 'boat' person, but even I can see the beauty in this one :)

I am a dog person and can totally understand .

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