Still Life with Badass & Beer #3

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Today we have a very special beer to pour into a very special glass. The beer is "imported from Vermont," which makes it sound exotic somehow. (Hear that, everybody in Vermont? Your neighborhood is exotic.) The brewer of Hill Farmstead Anna—Shaun Hill—is something of a world-renowned chap who lives in the exotic realm of northeast Vermont. Anna is a honey saison brew that I can't wait to try. Hill Farmstead crafts many small-batch, interesting beers. Thoughtful ones, too, like Phenomenology of Spirit
The glass into which I shall pour the honey saison is emblazoned with the logo for Atticus & Oberon's Sausage Fest. I've received many requests to sell these, and after looking a wee bit into setting up something on my website, it appears that it will take far more of my time and energy than I can afford. Instead, I'll set up a shop with Cafe Press, so you can put the Sausage Fest on a shirt or hat, glass or shooter, whatever you'd like, and they'll handle all the shipping and stuff and I can concentrate on writing.
Who's the badass? Why, that's a Pureblood Warpwolf howlin' for some honey saison. He's got a Death Howler spray attack and has an animus that allows you to ignore enemy defensive buffs. Whoa. It just got awful nerdy awful fast, didn't it?
I hope your holidays were full o' warm fuzzies and your new year will be full of travel to exotic locales like Vermont!


Karen said…
Having grown up (I've long since moved away tho) in the southeast corner of lovely Vermont in the town of Brattleboro, I can only say you absolutely must try McNeill's Brewery microbrew ales. They're excellent.

Brattleboro is also famous for not having a nudity law for a number of years, and because of that there was a guy who used to hang out "nekkid" in the Harmony Parking Lot playing guitar. He caused such a stir, they attempted to ban him and pass a law against public nudity. Some residents, in solidarity with the kid, took up walking up and down main street in their birthday suits. (Unfortunately, many of them were left-over hippies in their 60's and 70's. Not pretty.)

Brattleboro is also famous for the annual Walk of the Heiffers. Every June, people dress their cows up and walk them through town to the Holstein Company (who keep record all the holstein cows). The parade is followed by a group of anti-nuclear power protestors who fall down in the middle of the street and "die" from a nuclear disaster in one big mass at the end of the route. It's quite ... um ... entertaining.

Yes, exotic it is. ;D
Kevin Hearne said…
Can't wait to visit, Karen! :)
Brenda Hyde said…
I was confused at first because just yesterday I was at my sisters and her husband had Bad Ass beer. LOL The beer you mentioned sounds much classier however, and delicious. I'm refraining from laughing at the geekiness of the warpwolf in the pic. O_O

Our holiday was lovely:)

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