Rub those chocolate bob-bons all over your bad self

February? Already! Seems like just yesterday it was January.

It's the month of love in all its forms. Romantic. Steamy. Tawdy (a favorite here at the League). The drama of courtship, and even better, wasted courtship, what with the broken promises, the lies, the treachery, the cheatin' which leads to the heartache of Scorned Lovers. Which we in Denver celebrate with a Scorned Lovers Art Show, this year's theme: Battered Hearts, Raunchy Mischief, Sweet Revenge.

Last year, the Art Salon hosted the King of Filth, our own Mark Henry, for a scandalous erotic reading from Patience, by Lisa Valdez. Don't the frilly girly cover fool you. This is weapons-grade smut. We loved it!

This year, we've got more shenanigans planned. Another erotic reading. A Romantic shooting gallery. Vintage peepshow. Breakup letters read by My Teenage Angst. Take out your sexual frustrations on the Scorned Lovers piñata. If you're in the Denver area, check us out. Feb 11 at the Art Salon.

And spread your love of the League by pimping these new titles:

Kelly Meding, Wrong Side of Dead, Jan 31
J.F. Lewis, Burned, Jan 31
Allison Pang, A Sliver of Shadow (Abby Sinclair, Book 2), Feb 28
Michele Bardsley, Now or Never: Wizards of Nevermore, March 6
Dakota Cassidy, Waltz This Way, March 6
Jackie Kessler, Loss, March 20
Stacia Kane, Sacrificial Magic, March 27

Here's wishing you love in all its better, lovey-dovey forms. Roses. Whiskey shooters. And of course, chocolate.


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