First Sentence Snafu

Being an author can be stressful. Deciding which mansion to buy, eating unpeeled grapes, the constant paparazzi... the list is endless. But you know what takes the cake?

Having the first line of your book accidentally left out of the book.

Sound like a nightmare? Imagine if you were Mary Robinette Kowal and discovered, on the day that Glamour in Glass hit the shelves, that your first sentence just simply didn't make it to the final copy -- despite reviewing copy edits and page proofs.

Now Mary took that lemon and made the best lemonade ever, including digital bookmarks with the first sentence on it...and a promise that she will handwrite the first sentence into the book for every person who shows up to one of her signings. For the full monty on what Mary is doing to get the first sentence out to her audience, check out her awesome blog post.

And hey - show Mary your love by buying a copy or twenty of Glamour in Glass. You can buy it instantly at the Book Depository, your favorite local indie via Indie Bound, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.


Geeeze that is awful.
I admire her for trying to fix it. But someone needs to kick some butt over at Tor.
Joanie said…
This absolutely is a class way to handle this. I'm buying the book simply because she's picking herself up, dusting herself off, and acting like a professional. She can't help what others did--but she's showing what I want in an author. Bravo!


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