Sad Fashion confession

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Yesterday, while typing away at my WIP, I heard the sound of the mailman down at the building entrance and realized I'd forgotten to send my insurance payment, which is egregiously late! I scribbled a check, all the codes, slapped on a stamp, and burst out, running down the sidewalk after him in my slippers and office clothes to give it to him.

Pictured: the sweater I wore to chase/scare
the mailman. 

And then walking back to the condo, past people waiting for the bus etc. I realized: OMG WTF am I wearing? 

The answer: rags.

I bring you exhibit A: my favorite sweater of 2008. Somewhere in my clothes-challenged mind, I still think of it the day I got it from Kohls, new. So pretty. I would also direct your attention to my generously vented favorite office pants. I do love them. The fabric is just too thin even to patch. I have two other similar pairs. It is kind of crazy, what I wear every day. The degree of decrepitude. 

Working at home is such a strange luxury. Because, it IS this luxury, but the people doing it typically wear the most un-luxurious outfits.  

These pants: holes front and back, and a sad
mixture of clownish yet obscene. And I am
wearing them as I type.
I remember when I worked at an advertising agency--it was always SO hard for me to cobble together a nice looking outfit every day, and ad agencies are way more casual than normal businesses, but still. When I was at my most uptight agency in terms of clothes, I remember this hotshot freelance copywriter came in for a meeting wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, and it was this sign of prestige that he didn't have to wear something nice. I was so impressed by that. 

Now I'm the freelancer going in for meetings, (though honestly, women freelancers have to dress a little nicer). Anyway, I wear my nice clothes from 2005. Mostly, though, I have meetings virtually, which I wildly prefer. Because I don't have to think about the clothes thing. 

Though, the crazy outfit I wore to chase the postman was definitely pushing it! And, I am not even going to start on my jogging clothes. 

The other day I was going to go to the grocery store and I put on jeans and a normal shirt, just enough to get myself presentable in normal society, and I was grumbling to myself that one good thing about winter is that I can throw a coat over my ragamuffin outfit to go to the store, but when it's hot, I actually have to change--I cannot cover my pov-looking self with a giant coat. @#$@#!

I need to channel more of Betty. Maybe
not 100% Betty, but would 5% kill me? 
Anyway, my husband looks at me surprised and goes, you look really nice! And I realized he always says that when I have any clothes on that aren't rags. It made me feel a little bit bad because, okay, it's not the 1960's, I don't have to look like Betty Draper every day, but surely I can make an effort to not wear rags! 

I should probably retire some of my clothes. Maybe I will...maybe I won't. I do love the blue sweater. It is cozy on cool mornings. I don't know. 


Brenda Hyde said…
OMG, I thought I was the ONLY one who had clothes like this. I have a couple pair of pants that are ripped the same way-- you do win on the pattern though-mine are plain colored. I have a sweater/shirt thingy that is actually for men, and it's stained so badly that I look like a bag lady. But it's SO comfy! You don't even want to know what my gardening shorts look like-- my kids call them my "Mary Poppins" pants because they have huge pockets that I carry seeds and tools in. LOL

I feel so good knowing someone else horrifies their neighbors:)
Chantal said…
OMGosh - I am nearly peeing with laughter at the 'clownish yet obscene' description!!
Kelan Willis said…
This sweater looks so lovely which you share above. You look really nice in this photo and this is best way for the represent fashion. I impressed by that.

Fuzzi Bunz

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