Adventures in Shelving

For the last six years our books have been stored in a three-drawer bureau... and a hope chest.... and the TV cabinet.... and under our bed. We have a lot of books.

So David and I decided to add a bookshelf all around the top edge of our bedroom like a wallpaper border. We only managed to fill half of the bookshelves. I have to buy more books. (Poor me.)

While I was stocking the shelf, I realized a few things- one, that I'm not tough enough to be a librarian! My arms are so sore. Other observations:

-The first book I put on the shelf was "Writing Romance Novels for Dummies." When I bought it, I was young and thought that possessing those books somehow guarenteed that I would someday be published.

- I collect copies of "Pride and Prejudice" like crazy people collect copies of "Catcher in the Rye."

- I own enough Ann Rule "woman snaps and kills her husband in a grisly manner" books to make David pretty nervous.

- I like a lot of authors whose names begin with "R" - Roberts, Rowling, Riordan, Rule..

- It's more difficult to shelve the books in alphabetical order when you know the authors by their real names, not their pen names. I'm looking at you, Jennie Bentley.

- I like making interesting author neighbor combinations. I put Shirley Jump next to John Jakes. I put Delilah Marvelle next to Lucy M. Montgomery. I think they would all get along.

- Also, I put my erotica collection next to the Twilight books, because it amuses me.

- Speaking of my erotica collection, I don't know if it's because I'm paranoid, but for some reason, titles like "Taming Samantha" and "Their Virgin Captive" seem to stand out more than the other titles.

- If there is an earthquake, I am completely screwed.


Jude E said…
Ha! Your Twilight comment amuses me too, 'twould be nice to imagine some osmosis between them. Purely one-directional, of course :)
I *just* bought the wood and stain and nails/screws last weekend to put a bookshelf unit in my foyer. It's tiny, the foyer, but the space behind the door is perfect for a floor to ceiling bookcase. I'm wrapping the top of the bookcase over the 3 doorways sorta kinda like you did in your bedroom. It will be finished off with nice mouldings to make it look built in-ish.

I can't wait! I hope to start cutting the pieces and putting it together this weekend. It's MY project, hubby is septical of putting the shelves behind the doors. End has no vision! He sees impending disaster and I see a beautiful library! :)

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