Things I Like

I have a lot of friends with very varied interests, and they're alway sending me links to cool stuff. Oftentimes, the one link leads to other links. And people are always asking me, "Where did you hear of that? Where did you get that?" So I decided to blog about Things I Like. Some of these things I have, some I want, some I just think are wikkid.

The first Thing I Like is Ida Maria. She (and her band) are Norwegian. I really like Norwegians (Hi Kristin!) in general, but I really, really like Ida Maria. AND I just got to see her in concert! They were AMAZING. And could she be cuter? Really?

Another band I'm really digging right now is War Tapes. They're such babies, but I love the lead singer's dark bedroom voice. And their copious amounts of ridiculous, flat ironed hair. Plus, the bassist chick is hot.

Another Thing I Like are my Gelaskins. I've got one on my iPhone and one on my Macbook. I chose the art by Gianluca Mattia, because I'm obsessed with his female form.

He's raunchy. I likey.

Anyway, I LOVE the concept of my Gelaskins, I love art, and I love my hippie spaceship, so HOW EXCITED WAS I to find out I can sort of get all 3 in one? Yes, they have giant stickers you can put on your car. I'm totally getting one. In fact, I'll probably order it after I finish this.

On the fashion front, my friend Rene Romero Jr., Mojo Ninja Jetsetter and Entertaiment Guru for Chicago's Funky Buddha Lounge, posted this AMAZING fall line by Rogan on his Facebook. The models are floating! And in some of the photos they look distinctly uncomfortable. But the clothes are GREAT.

Finally, something I've always liked and will forever like, is meatloaf. MMMMM. Meatloaf. I don't know what it is about a loaf of meat, but I've never met one I didn't enjoy. And here, the NYTimes gives you everything you've needed to reinvent your meatloaf. They also use the sentence, "In a French meat terrine, a close cousin to meatloaf, this lightening is accomplished by the addition of ample fat, usually pork fat."

I started drooling pretty much as soon as I saw the meatloaf money shot, but the drool intensified to acutely wipable at the words "addition of ample fat."

Mmm. Ample fat.

I will leave you with that. Thanks.


Brooke Reviews said…
Oh, thanks for sharing Ida Maria...must DL some for myself :P

Also, I freakin' love meatloaf. No one understands...except you I see. lol
Alexia561 said…
Oh my goodness...that voice! So young, but so sexy sounding. Must go find more War Tapes songs!

I like Meatloaf as well. Good singer, and not a bad actor. Wait, the other meatloaf? Made with meat? Never mind...

See, this is why I love you. You find cool stuff, and then share it with your minions.
Nicole Peeler said…
BrookeReviews: Seriously, it is an AWESOME album. She has a song about being drunk that totally fluffs my pillows. And meatloaf is SO GOOD. With really creamy mashed potatoes and home made gravy.... I'm so making that for my friends next week. LOL

Alexia561: I know! He looks like a zygote but he sings like a man. And speaking of all man, ain't nothing wrong with Meatloaf. And I have minions??? Really??? LOL YAY!
I think I love War Tapes. It's like David Bowie and Dave Gahan and The Cure, mixed in a nice tasty package. Thank you for sharing this!
Nicole Peeler said…
Carrie, if you like War Tapes you'll probably also like White Lies and She Wants Revenge. :-)
Unknown said…
hey all!
i just posted the review for Michelle's book, TALL, DARK & FANGSOME.
great blog. i'm following you now. you should pop in/follow mine. i have all things books...
nice seeing you.
Mark Henry said…
Guess what? We'd planned to go see Ladyhawke this October in Seattle and now Ida Maria is on the same bill. It's like fate or some shit!
Nicole Peeler said…
Hi Kelly! Nice to meet you! Make yourself at home. :-)

Mark: That's AWESOME. They so rock. I heart her something fierce, I do. ;-)

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