Cross Your Heart ... and Hope to Win

Hello there! I'm hosting a contest here at the League of Reluctant Adults blog to celebrate the release of CROSS YOUR HEART, Book 7 in the Broken Heart series. To get the details, you'll have to sit through my vlog (posted below). Okay, okay. The shortcut is this: Leave a comment and you'll be entered to win the prizes. Also, I will pick a few of my favorite comments to read during the vlog winner announcement. You have until September 14th to enter. Also, you can buy your very own copy of CROSS YOUR HEART. Right now. This very second. (Hint, hint.)

Oh, and ... yes, that's Napoleon Dynamite saying, "Lucky." That's what my phone chirps when I get a text message. In case you were wondering. Or not.

Let the torment begin!


Nicole H. said…
Enter me please! I need a shirt that warns people about just how evil I can be! Oh wait, I would need to be MORE evil wouldn't I? That way it is JUST A warning! mwuahahaha!
Anonymous said…
Please add me to this contest. I'm the mother of all evilness, see my pic right here at the right side?? *hint hint* :p

Thanks for doing this contest. :D
Thanks for having the contest - the shirt is awesome. I absolutely LOVE your Dakota Cassidy smolder. You nailed it!!! :)
Pat said…
Darn, Michelle, I am too old to be evil nor can I no longer smolder. But being here counts for something, right and I really do love your series.
Qwill said…
You really should have a "do not drink your iced coffee (or beverage of choice) while watching this vlog" alert! OMG. So funny. You really nailed the smolder. LOL

Cross Your Heart - $7.99
Prizes - $no idea
The Dakota Smolder - Priceless

Congrats on the new release!
Alesia said…
Come on pick me you know you want to and I bought Cross your Heart even though I have already read the arc. and I used the bedazzler to put
TEZ is MY Kitty *Mreow*
on my minions staight jacket.

pick me you know you want to and the dog hair on the shirt should go nicely with all the cat hair in my house lol

Loves Alesia
donnas said…
Congrats on the release! Really looking forward to picking up a copy. I love Broken Heart.
jenn_bunnie said…
Oh how I love The Broken Heart Series. I am so evil when I get up in the morning, the devil says oh shit, she is awake!
Ellz said…
I must be living under a rock because I totally missed that you have a new book out. I mean I am one of your biggest fans! Here is some bad poetry just for you.

Cross Your Heart~Available to buy.
By Michele Bardsley~She is so fly.
Pimpin' her book~with a smolderin' look.
Michele Bardsley is off da hook.

Congrats. I can't wait to read your latest masterpiece!

Sally said…
You carck me up. Soo needed that today. The girls are driving me CRAZY!!! YOu know all about that. I was sorry your party was cancelled at Legacy BUMMMER. So I already ordered it online. Cannot wait to laugh and read the good DIRT!!! HAHA
Andrea I said…
Congrats on the new release. Add me to the contest.
Teril said…
hahahaha I love the crown! Very original. That is a very great goblet, great shirt. I enjoy how the hat moves along with you and grows and shrinks. I'm on fire with your awesome smolder! Smolder baby! Smolder! Even the pic gets a crown. That was a great author vlog, made me spit some coffee on my desk. It was the most fun of my morning ;)
Love the series.
Please add me to the contest. Next month I'll be turning another year older, I can use all the evil I can get.

Congratulations on the release, I look forward to reading it.
Alesia said…
Oh I forgot its my birthday on the 18th so give it to me for a birthday gift
HockeyVampiress said…
My Dearest Friend,
I have recently been away from the temptation of the net, twitter and for the most part even partaking in the enjoyment of playing on Facebook for the last few months..... that is due to my continued recouperation and displacement since my unfortunate rock band accident that has had me spinning my wheels trying to find a suitable replacement for my time since I have been deprived from hanging out with the league and my bestie Michelle. My life has been bereft of meaning since I have not been in contact with DC, MH, KR, RM, SC (ok the switchblade thingy was kinda creepy), DR and of course Michelle. I was especially hurt and felt remorse and jealousy when I saw Nicole H bragging about her recent winfall from another Michelle contest.... one that because of my reclusiveness I missed altogether.... now I must find a way to cope and what better way than to receive a prize package from you with tokens of your love as a reminder of all that we have meant to each other..... I will be awaiting your reply with baited breath and smoldering eyes......
your bestie.... Shell
Alicia said…
Seeing how I'm the black sheep of my family that shirt would be perfect lol. And with the goblet would finally give me some much needed Seriously though read all ur books, love them. Broken Heart is amazing the sad, the funny, and all the love is there. Gabriel is my fav though! My sons name is Gabriel lol. Thank u and keep up all the great work!!!! U are so funny and talented. U rocked the smolder when I try it I look constipated. Has something to do with little lips and freckles lol I think. Thanks, alicia
Alicia said…
Seeing how I'm the black sheep of my family that shirt would be perfect lol. And with the goblet would finally give me some much needed Seriously though read all ur books, love them. Broken Heart is amazing the sad, the funny, and all the love is there. Gabriel is my fav though! My sons name is Gabriel lol. Thank u and keep up all the great work!!!! U are so funny and talented. U rocked the smolder when I try it I look constipated. Has something to do with little lips and freckles lol I think. Thanks, alicia
Unknown said…
w00t!! Yay Michele! I am so excited about this book! I would love to win some awesome prizes.

i <3 broken heart!
Dearest Michele, I love the crown but where is the pink feather bowa?? have you learned so little from Dakota excesserize!! ^vv^
I cant wait to read Cross Your Heart! I seriously can not do the DC smolder..
333 Im only half evil... but I try!
Riley said…
Grr I commented and it went away. So please excuse if this is a duplicate!

Soooo as I said... Michele, you ROCK! I heart your broken heart series.

Someday, when I sell my book... I am going to be your League sister! I will be your snark partner in crime! lol :)

Much love! Barb Riley
WhimsyEveryday said…
I will admit to being a little afraid of the ominously throbbing crown at times. Funny :-). Loved Cross Your Heart, definitely one of my favs from Broken Heart. If you haven't read it yet it is a must.
Jasmine said…
That shirt pretty much sums up my life. :) And I love the crown but maybe you shouldn't try to out-smolder Dakota, you might hurt yourself (I'm just sayin'). Can't wait to read the book!!
deamichelle said…
I love your books...It's my evil princess obsession.And those who interrupt my concentration into the Broken Heart World risk total destruction.I sometimes find myself walking outside at night secretly hoping to be bitten by "accident" ha ha ha(evil princess laugh)...
I really do love your series and mark on my calendar when new ones are coming out.Can't wait to read this one.Please enter me into your contest.
Dea Shaffer *Loyal Broken Heart Reader*
synde said…
Ok Michelle...I am evil and if I win that cup I promise I BE PIMPIN ALL up in here..I will take it to work with me and be the bookseller pimp!!
Anonymous said…
If I had the shirt, people can answer themselves when they want to know how I don't look my age. Bwahahaha... (I know evil cackles are overdone but I can't help it; I'm that evil)

Congrats on your new release!

No way can anyone top your Dakota Cassidy smolder.

If I won it would help in two ways.
1# A evil master mind can always use more pimp in there plans.

2# If I had the shirt people would have to think I am evil and not it is hard being evil.
Christle Gray said…
Michele, your books are more than mere entertainment. They are guidebooks and should be required reading for parents everywhere!

This is how you raise kids, support your family, save the world, and get the gorgeous hunk so it all ends up happily ever after. Any questions? I think not.

And no one can do the DC smoulder except for DC. Many have tried. Some have even been hospitalized. Leave the smouldering to the experts. Use your boa and perfect the MB sexy boa flip, instead.

Oh, and I want-ez ze prizes!

Michele, I have to admit, I need more evil in my life. I make my husband /facepalm and my friends giggle when I try to smolder. When I afix my evil smolder look, instead of cowering in fear of my evilness, they run for the napkins and bless me. :\
Amanda said…
Ok well I had such luck last night I figured I better enter this contest. Of course I think I might be killed if I do win it. :) But I still want to.
Unknown said…
This is the first time that I have seen a vlog! Well done. I love your vlog.

I have to report that my level of evil has dropped drastically since July 1st...reason: My youngest daughter moved out. (she is 20 but has been stuck in the terrible teenage years for well years!). I do get small infusions every week when she comes over to visit. You know when your kids decide to tell you what is going on/or what they did. Your reaction is OMG, was I ever that DUMB!!! and evil starts building up as you want to say it to their face but you are Mama and must hold it in (therefore the evil words sit and ripen and the evilness inside builds up again).

I love the Broken Heart series. It makes me smile, laugh and say "thank evilness, I am not the only one who feels, acts, reacts that way" if only I could do everything in your books what chaos I could create for my children! hehehehehehehehehehehe

Thank you for all your hard work, please keep it up and I will always buy your books!

Please enter me in your contest....I need to win, I want to win (whiney now...pick me pick me pick me)!
kcnrhtx (at) charter (dot) net
The Shadowolf said…
...the old Shadowolf needs some new books so I can curl up with a megamug of mystic mocha and read me day awaaaaaayyyyyy!!!
My said…
Your Highness,

Your gracious appearance on the computer screens of the world is highly appreciated, and Your most appealing countenance cannot be faulted. Pray continue to amuse, delight and enlighten us for ever!

Your most humble subject,
Anonymous said…
Well on the scale of evilness, I am so evil the Devil, when I visited Hell, told me to return home. He couldn't stand the competition. I absolutely think the Broken Heart series totally rocks. Even if I don't win I LOVE receiving freebies if you got anything like bookmarks or bookplates. Keep up the fantastic writing.
SiNn said…
I soo want a crown like yours! Itried gettin one frm BK and adding my own glitter but now theres a no sinn can not have glitter rule in my house dunno why a cup of glitter on the floor now our house has the shine of a strip club gone wrong is all im saying

that shirt soo fits me lol!

ty for the opertunity to win and congrats on ur new book

you deff nailed the smolder lol
AYates said…
I have been waiting for this book and it is finally here!! I'm so excited!!!
Ameila said…
What can I say? Cross Your Heart made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me snort chocolate milk out of my nose.
Love the release day crown (and why isn't a pix of it on Facebook, Michele, hmmmmmm?) And no one, but no one does DC better than you...unless it's DC that is. ;)
h said…
Okay, I get distracted by shiny things - especially gem studded golden shiny things. I was totally mesmerized by your hypnotically pulsating digital crown.

I picked up my very own copy of CYH today cuz I love the series, and I'm a faithful supreme minion.

I'd love to give details on the incredible streak of evil-ness that keeps me young, but I gotta run...vegan brownies in the oven.

*fyi - If I try to smolder my sweetie asks me if my contacts are bothering me.
aliciaowen said…
Love these books and i still need a couple autographed. I guess that will be hard to do living in Germany now. Which by the way was extremely hard to sign up on google. Just because i live here they thinki speak German, not the case i had to use a translator to be able to read what they were saying. So something that should had taken me a minute took me ten. :)
i love the instructions of how to get the honey out of a honeysuckle. Priceless and so can tell she lives in Oklahoma because everything is called the thingy if you can't rememeber the name of it. :) Glad all is well with y'all.

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