HOUNDED cover revealed!

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Squee! I can finally show you my cover! Though I suppose I could be accused of bias when I say "I LOVE IT!" it's true nonetheless. The cover for Hounded is awesome; Del Rey has captured Atticus perfectly!

When Tricia & Mike (my spiffy editors) told me that Advanced Reader's Editions were on their way, they made one request: have someone take pictures of me opening the box. They know I've been waiting to be published a long time, and to see my book bound and printed for the first time would be, in the words of our vice president,  "a big f#%!ing deal." I agreed readily, not knowing what torture it would be...

The box arrived on Friday; I arrived soon after. BUT NO ONE WAS AROUND TO TAKE PICTURES. I couldn't open it! I could have gone to a convenience store and made the clerk take pictures—I was thinking such things—but not seriously, because I wanted my family to be around when I opened it; they've been waiting a long time to see the book too. I had to wait three hours for my wife to get home, gnawing on my fingers the whole time, staring at the Box of Joy that I could not open.

The Box of Joy taunted me with its Random House return address and its priority overnightness:

Do not be alarmed by my strange expression in the next picture. I'm petting the box and purring, see. Well, okay, be alarmed if you'd like.
The Box of Joy finally surrendered its happy contents to me:
....Words fail. All I can say is that there's nothing like a dream coming true, and I couldn't be happier.
   Below is my photo of the ARE cover. I apologize for the wee bit of glare. Also, the icons on the charms aren't really coming through on this picture—all you see are black squares—but you'll see them "for reals" with your naked eye, and they're sublime. I'll have the cover art file later, but for now enjoy the ARE:
If Atticus looks at you like that and draws his sword, APOLOGIZE. It doesn't matter for what, just tell him you're sorry and you'll never do it again!

I've said it before and I'll say it lots more: Del Rey has been completely lovely to work with. Tricia and the art dept. deserve mad props for this cover, and for the Hexed and Hammered covers as well. They brought Atticus to life and they incorporated my suggestions beautifully; I will build them a shrine and leave them offerings of gummi bears and beer.

And whoa—Hounded is now available for pre-order on AmazonBorders.com, and BN.com! They don't have the cover image up yet, but you can snag one if you want to get a head start on buying all the books you need to read in April! :)

In other news—yes, I have other news! My Cage Match write-up of Gaius Baltar vs. Feyd Rautha-Harkonnen should be up sometime today on Suvudu.com, so I'd love it if you went over there and took a gander. And, should you be so inclined, please vote for Baltar! Not only is he a completely awesome villain that you love to hate, as long as he wins, I get to keep writing!

I wish you peace, if you're into that sort of thing. Otherwise, may you be swept into a world of intrigue and learn a rune-based magic system in only three days to prevent a demon apocalypse.


Sonya Bateman said…
WOO! That is one HOT COVER! Many congrats to you!! :-)
Michele Writes said…
OMG. So. Awesome! Congrats!
Nicole Peeler said…
DUUUUUDE, I love it! And just how I pictured Atticus. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Rawr! Soul patch! Ticklie!
Carolyn Crane said…
This is fabulous!! I love it.
Nicola O. said…
Color me intrigued. Great cover, and I do like a good Druid story... is there somewhere one might find a blurb or a synopsis?

I didn't see one on Kevin's blog...
Shain Brown said…
Amazing cover, and perfect sword, I love it!
Kevin Hearne said…
Thanks all! Nicole Peeler has actually read this already...she was kind enough to give me a blurb for it, which appears on the back cover! To answer your question, Nicola O...there's a teaser/synopsis thingie on Carolyn Crane's blog right now: http://bit.ly/nEoji

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