Bring it!

Kelly Meding and I need YOU! We're both up on Bitten By Book's new November poll about which new releases you're most looking forward to! And we're getting STOMPED by Kenyon and MacAlister! Realistically we will continue to be stomped (as even I voted for MacAlister), but you can help us LOSE WITH DIGNITY!

There's also a new interview/contest with me and TR up here. :-) Thanks! And don't forget that my own selkie hunt contest is still very much alive! Send in those photos to win!


-Kelly Meding said…
Yes, please, please, please help us lose with dignity!!!!
Kiyote said…
I voted for nicole, lil st crow and lori handeland.

i picked those that i wanted to buy and have not...though note - kelly - i already bought yours - just waiting on amazon to ship it!
Heather C said…
I voted for you both!!! Good luck. Nicole, I have the new book in hand. :)
-Kelly Meding said…
Thanks all! (and yay, Kiyote!)

Looks like Nicole is giving Kenyon a serious run for her money. Go you!
JD said…
Done and voted for both of you and I chose an 'other' for the third, which I refuse to name because I'm not eagerly awaiting a third book this month.

Good luck, guys!

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