Big Amanda Feral News!!!

Finally! I can let y'all in on the super sekrit news from last summer. I've recently inked a deal with the Dabel Bros., the guys behind such stuff as this...


And what, you ask, will this deal entail? Why AMANDA FERAL chewing up some pages, motherfuckers! ROAD TRIP OF THE LIVING DEAD is going to be the framework for a comic book series, culminating in a graphic novel bind-up. No other news just yet, other than I've agreed to script and we'll be looking for artists soon (I hope). I couldn't be more excited and the timing is great as the mass-market paperback of Road Trip is about to hit the shelves.

73235712I'm equally excited for the possibility of people giving Road Trip a chance, it's my favorite of the three books and by far the least known. They tweaked the cover a bit and the high gloss they put on it really makes it awesome!

Here's a couple of places you can preorder the mmpb...

Barnes and Noble

This has been a long time coming and I can't wait to get back into Amanda's head for some extra stuff not found in the book. I hope these guys know what they've gotten themselves into. I don't think I can tame the filth. IT CAN'T BE TAMED!!!

And in the meantime, be sure to download STOCKING FULL OF COAL, an erotic short story written by none other than Amanda Feral, herself. Don't be shy, it doesn't punches!


Sweet! I hope you get Roth. I loved his illustrations the best out of the group that did the Anita Blake Series.
Anna said…
Woohoo! More Amanda! Congrats Mark, I can't wait see it. :)
brian_ohio said…
Whew! It had been so long since I'd heard about Amanda... I feared the worst... she ate herself.

But this is GREAT! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! Congrats, Mark!
Mark said…
Hey Brian! It's been so long, because the series is, sadly, no more.
brian_ohio said…
Hi Mark!

But now she lives on! I've always said that her books needed illustrations/pictures. This will be cool!

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