Everyday things that seem sort of UF-ish

The other day I was thinking about how many things in regular life seem oddly urban fantasy. Somehow weird and strange, or threatening, or inexplicable or just darkly WTF in that UF way. I have drawn you a guide. Aren't you glad? 

Sometimes I watch my cats eat and think about what would happen if I was two inches high. They are so cute, but sort of vicious, when you watch their mouth up close while they are eating. Those jaws won't stop for anything! 

Fruit flies are really UF when you think about it.  I mean, they magically appear out of thin air to eat rotting food.  Where are they when there is no rotting food? Where are the eggs? How do they know when there's an old piece of fruit in the fruitbowl? It's completely weird and freaky. Oh, I just realized how much of this post might make me look really ignorant. Oh, what the hell! Let's keep going! 

Welcome to the bug world portion of my post. Lots of bugs seem really UF, but none so much as the mosquito, our state bird here in Minnesota! 

The Tick, too, but whereas the mosquito is obvious, the tick is totally stealth. And generally scarier. I got a tick in girl scout camp once. On my ear! I'm so glad we got it off. 

Leech. The most "creature from the black lagoon"-esque of the blood-sucking bugs. Very storied. If you read historicals. 

50% of all stuff in the Guiness Book of World Records, which I was totally fascinated by as a child, is UF. Also, I did these drawings at the beach. You know they would look totally realistic if I'd done them here in my home.

I don't believe elaboration is necessary here. The most UF band. Oh, maybe Marilyn Manson, too. And Alice Cooper, actually

I used to work in a deli in high school, and I COULDN'T believe people ate this. It doesn't really have brains, but in my mind, it does.  

 Okay, I might have been getting sunstroke at this point.

So, anything to add? Did I leave out any everyday things that are stangely UF? Do tell! 


Male pattern baldness seems strangely UF, at least it does to the poor guys who experience it in their 20's.

These same guys who have nothing much on top seem to make up for it with werewolf fuzz everywhere else.

(Of course more of those guys could do what Mr. Clean did and shave their heads like a cueball!) :-)
Pamela {Spaz} said…
I love your posts!! That pic of head cheese is pretty much the most awesomely horrific thing I've ever seen. I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND HEAD CHEESE!!!
Julie said…
OMG I laughed so hard my hubs yelled up the stairs to see if I was okay. (He's sweet that way...) I get comments from the older kids that I care for about how I seem to know what they are going to ask or do before they do it. They think it's creepy and annoying. I tell them I have powers...like many of the characters that I read. Somehow, they don't buy it. LOL
Tez Miller said…
Love the drawing of the sleeping kitty :-)
Anonymous said…
lol, I really enjoyed this...nice work! ;)
Chris said…
Where the hell did you find a beach?!

Beaches in Minneapolis are vaguely UFesque. ;)
Sharon said…
Bwahaha! Okay, I am so with you on the fruit fly thing! That is some scary crap. Do teenagers count. You know, in a spawn from hell sort of way ;)
Jamie Lee Scott said…
Hahaha, needed this today. The start of a "doodle a day, keeps the scary crap at bay" coffee table book.
Bets Davies said…
Fruit fly larva breeds in gooky places like kitchen drains. Want to get rid of them? Pour bleach down your sink.

We will never make up anything as odd as the real world. That's why I love writing memoir as well.

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