No rest for the wicked, or the writer, or the wicked writer

Hello to all of you visiting us here in the League of Reluctant Adults clubhouse! For once, I have not forgotten it is my day to post, so here I am! I missed last month when it was my turn, but I have a good excuse, pinky swear!

I have been busy. I have a November 1st deadline for the first book of my new series for Ace, The Spellmason Chronicles. All these characters are a bit new to me, not like heading out with the Simon Canderous D.E.A. crew, so it’s been an interesting ride so far. On top of that I’m trying to finish up a YA steampunk thing I’m looking to sell, I have a sekrit project on submission, another sekrit project to help my fellow authors, and I spent the last month speaking at San Diego Comic Con, Gen Con in Philly (Author Guest of Honor in the house..woot!), and Authors After Dark in Philly. So I’m a bit crazed in a boo-hoo-poor-working-author kind of way.

So I polled my Facebookers for what I should talk about this month. The five suggestions were:

  • my love of the Green Bay Packers
  • proper nutrition for a writing/gaming life
  • my secret addiction to lolcats
  • things I’ve written that make me laugh out loud... or tear up
  • food cravings I have as I write

So, in order, my answers are:

  • the Green Bay What-ers? Several years ago a friend of mine had me on a program where I learned a new football player on the team each week.. that knowledge has long since left me (but I can easily name all the Dwarves from The Hobbit… go figure)
  • Gobstoppers, Doritos, Lemonheads, and a 67 oz. Diet Pepsi and/or Mt. Dew, not necessarily in that order
  • My addiction to lolcats is no secret… I’ve even used them in my advertising sometime. See?
  • I have cried twice when doing readings of my stuff. The latest was a reading of Lowstone, a Steampunk Wild West piece coming out in Westward Weird Feb or March 2012. The other was reading ‘Stannis’ from Spells of the City, which is the basis for the Spellmason Chronicles. When I get something written that really works, the emotion gets to me when I’m reading it back and yeah, I get a little teary… in a totally manly way.
  • I don’t crave food when I write… however, I ALWAYS want PEZ. Lemon PEZ. Yeah, I don’t get it either. I do find when the writing gets hard, I sometimes need to step away, go eat something, then come back refreshed, but I don’t crave anything specific

Do YOU have any pressing questions about my clearly glamour author life? Speak up in the comments!


Sheree said…
Since you like PEZ, you do have a favorite dispenser or do you eat the candies straight from the wrapper?
Anton Strout said…
I have many a dispenser, but my fave is either my Boba Fett one or my GIANT Frankenstein one. But mostly I eat straight from the wrappers...
Sheree said…
Still on the topic of PEZ, have you ever been to the PEZ museum?

What places would you like to visit that you haven't been to before?
Anonymous said…
Obviously Boba Fett is to the Star Wars series what the Chrysler Building is to the New York Skyline: everyone's favorite. But I have never heard anyone articulate why that is. So, please elaborate on what qualities Fett has that make this the literally universally loved character, even now.
Tez Miller said…
Aw, my Manny's fame lives on - that photo of him with DEAD TO ME made his career ;-)

By the way, last I heard (admittedly some years ago, because I am old and out-of-date), you had some lady cats. Perhaps you and them would like to make a guest appearance at Genre Cats? Here's how to submit:

Thanks for everything, and have a lovely day! :-)
Anton Strout said…
I have not been to the PEZ museum. As for places I'd like to go, there are many museums in Europe I have left to see, and I'd love to visit Japan, which I once passed through far too quickly.

As far as Boba Fett, I like him because, hey, I like a good bounty hunter.. AND he did his job! He returned Han to Jabba. He won!

Then he lost and got digested by the Sarlac pit, but still, he was pretty badass.. he had gadgets and wasn't afraid to use them!

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