Whatcha, Whatcha, Whatcha Want?

Publishing wonks and mouthy authors often talk about what's the next big thing in fiction. What will be the new vampire?!? Is chick lit dead and what will replace it? Amish space opera will be the next big thing!

It's exhausting. And I've noticed it's not often that we take the time to ask you, the reader, what you want.

Well, today's your lucky day. Let us know what kind of stories you want to see. Since most of us are paranormal romance or UF authors, we'd love to hear what you'd love to see more of int hose genres, but don't feel limited by genre. What kind of stories are you looking for and not finding right now?

We just ask that you please be respectful because The League is not about bashing the work of our colleagues.

Annnnd go!


midnightblooms said…
I'd love to see more characters who are smart and capable, but not necessarily super-fighter-kick-ass. I'm talking about well-written beta characters. There are a lot of alpha fighters (both male and female) out there right now, and they are such fun to read, but I really love a clever (sneaky) beta who gets things done and most people don't even realize what happened until the dust settles.

Also, Loki characters. I love a trickster who is mischievous and clever and makes me laugh.
Jaye Wells said…
Both are great suggestions.I especially love the trickster archetype in books. Such fun to read!
Roxanne Skelly said…
I luvs me my urban fantasy, but I've also some other genres that are dear to my heart. Cyberpunk, for one.

Seems the only place you can find anything to do with the near future these days is anime. Well, that and websites like dvice.com.

Yah, writing the near future is hard, but hey...

Now, if ya really wanna get me going, mash up UF and cyberpunk. You know...Dante Valentine style.
Brenda Hyde said…
I've really been getting into Steampunk and Sci Fi Romance. I still LOVE urban fantasy and paranormal romance and can never seem to catch up on what's out there, but I've read some awesome steampunk, sci fi and post apocalyptic romance this year and I'm craving more.
kjwarren103 said…
Yeah, I'd suggest some darker material with engaging drama and real, resourceful characters. And as much as I love a good vampire novel now and again, I feel it's getting a little old. I'd love to see more of a mix of supernatural beings, and maybe even ones that you don't see very often anymore as the main characters; for instance, a vampire slayer? Or shape shifters maybe?
Just my intake on it :)
Elf2060 said…
I still like my HEA endings...and plenty of romance. I realize that it is really hard to come up with new twists but I like to have a logical story that has a beginning, middle and end. I don't mind some threads hanging to tie a series together but I do like some resolution at the end of a book and I like logic.
Carolyn Crane said…
Reading these answers with great interest! Ask the readers...what a fine idea!

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