Okay, seriously? I have nothing to blog about.

I have three deadlines over my head at the moment; a novella due like Monday, page proofs due Wednesday (which I need to have finished by Monday so I can get them mailed, since I'm going into town on Monday anyway), and edits--which in this case means rather a lot of work, since I'm not quite happy with it yet--on Downside 5, CHASING MAGIC. Not to mention I'm sort-of-plotting something new, and working on a couple of other little things, and all of that.

And I haven't been feeling well the last few days, which means I've fallen behind on this stuff because when I'm not feeling well I have a hard time working.

I've been considering blog topics for the last three hours. I was going to mention, which is this awesome site I found where people who work with the public can submit horror stories (yes, I'm very late to this one, since the site already has a book deal, but whatever. I just found it and I love it). But that seems like rather a small thing to base an entire blog post on, really, doesn't it?

I was going to talk about how frustrating it can be for a writer to have to wait for a release date, and how the anticipation gets to us, too, sometimes, but I've already done that. It's true, though. Waiting is hard. I get just as excited as you guys do, waiting for a book to be released, hoping you'll all like it, hating that I can't talk about it or whatever.

I considered mentioning the ebook sale on the Downside books for all North American customers; UNHOLY GHOSTS is ninety-nine cents in ebook, and UNHOLY MAGIC and CITY OF GHOSTS are only $4.99 each. That's at all of the ebook retailers, so wherever you buy your books--whether it's for Nook, Kindle, Apple, Sony, or whatever else--those prices are in effect. More info here at my blog.

Then, of course, there's the ENTANGLED anthology to benefit the Breast Cancer research Foundation, for which I wrote the Foreword.

But none of that seems like enough to hang a blog post on, either.

I could talk about the fact that after a period of unemployment which ran a little longer than we'd anticipated, the hubs has this morning been offered a job; a good one, too, though it requires us to move (again). So we're very excited (I know, don't I sound excited?) about that, honest. Like I said, when I'm not feeling well I sound full of ennui even when I'm happy, which I am, actually; I'm perfectly cheerful, just horribly busy.

Or, how about a snippet? Yes. Here's a (very brief) snippet from CHASING MAGIC, for your reading pleasure (hopefully):

All of the documents were in place: The Affidavit of Spectral Fraud, the Statement of Truth, two Orders of Imprisonment and two Orders of Relinquishment, and of course, the list of Church-approved attorneys. The Darnells would want that—well, they’d need it, because they were about to be arrested for faking a haunting.

At least, they would be when the Black Squad got there to back Chess up. She didn’t always want the Squad to come along; police presence tipped people off, made things more difficult, and most people came pretty quietly once they realized they were busted, anyway. The Darnells didn’t seem like the come-quietly type, though. Something told Chess they weren’t going to take this well.

I do have a question, though, which I meant to ask on my own blog but forgot. What do you think of links that open in new windows or tabs? Personally I like them; I'd rather not have to navigate back to the page where I was, so I always right-click and select "Open link in new window" unless I know for a fact that the link will automatically open in a new window. But I've heard some people hate this. So I'm curious. What do you think?



Rebe said…
I definitely prefer links that open in a new window, because I can't stand having to backtrack to the original page. I never seem to remember to right click, though, so I'll have to try that from now on.

Good luck with the edits and everything else!
Jackie said…
I can't wait for book four to release , love love. I like tabs opening in new windows so I don't have to back track . Congrats to hubby and I always admire those of you who move around , I am such a creature of habit!
Unknown said…
I always open in new tab/window. I dont always want to navigate away from the page I am on when I click a link. I have to admit I dont think this is true of my blog I think links open in the same tab/ window :(
You already know I'm antsy for Downside 4. (I think you rather enjoy tormenting me there.)

So, I'll jump to your question: I hate when it DOESN'T open in a tab/window. So, yes, please, open in a new tab/window.
I prefer links to open in new windows. I have a bad habit of closing a window when I'm done-leaving me to have to re open the original window. It's a pain.
Brenda Hyde said…
I prefer the link to open in a new window hands down. I like to click right away but often I'm not done reading where I'm that, and it gets messy having to go back-- pick up where I left off etc. LOL
WickedLilPixie said…
YAY to S on the job offer! And totally agree on the not sharing >.< psst NEW WINDOW

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