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To bring you an announcement from yours truly. This is my passion project, and I would love it if you jumped on board. Like us on the Facebook, follow the twitter, all that jazz... and subscribe/listen when I launch next week. Feel free to steal the press release here and help boost the signal.


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Anton Strout, Host/Curator

The Once & Future Podcast Launches with Readers And Writers Of Fantasy and Science Fiction In Mind

(USA, NY, NY) September 6, 2011- Speculative fiction author Anton Strout announces the launch of The Once & Future Podcast- a new weekly book-centric podcast focused on all things fantasy and science fiction. Segments will focus on: breaking news in the publishing industry, upcoming release titles, guest authors, book tour info, convention news, and overall general discussion of genre reading for readers and writers alike.

“Parts of the show will be focused on content for readers,” says Strout, host and curator of content for the show, “but there will also be segments coming up for writers, no matter what stage of the process they are at.”

Strout is the author of the Simon Canderous urban fantasy series published by Ace Books and the first book in the Spellmason Chronicles, Alchemystic, to be released in 2012. Strout has been in the publishing industry for over twenty years, fifteen of those as part of Penguin Group USA.

“I’ve always loved books,” says Strout, “and I’ve discovered, thanks to my author capacity at conventions and on panels, that I love talking to my fellow authors. I wanted a place where I could talk about all things happening within my chosen genre and share that with others. I’ll be chatting with New York Times bestsellers, authors just getting their careers started… anyone I find interesting, really, including professionals from within the world of publishing itself- editors, artists, publicists, bloggers. You name it.”

The Once & Future Podcast will debut on Monday, September 12th with new episodes posting every following Monday. Episode One will include interviews with Charlaine Harris (author of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series) and Jackie Kessler (author of the Hell of Earth series and The Rider’s Quartet). Upcoming episodes will feature a variety of authors including Rachel Caine, Amber Benson, Chris Hardwick, Jim C. Hines, Matthew Cody and many others. To find out more, please visit http://antonstrout.com/Once___Future_Podcast.html


Anton Strout, Host/Curator

Email: OnceandFuturePodcast@gmail.com

twitter: twitter.com/OandFPodcast

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Once.And.Future.Podcast

Website: antonstrout.com/Once___Future_Podcast.html


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