Best Names Ever

So I'm watching American Horror Story, and I have to say, the show has become addictive. It's unflinchingly dark, and extremely violent. I absolutely love what the writers are doing with the characters of Violet and Tate. And here's something that I thought was tres cool indeed:

Tate + Violet

Taint + Violent

See that? Isn't that AWESOME???

What other couple names from books, television shows, plays or movies can you think of are either intentionally or accidentally awesome plays on words?


Brenda Hyde said…
I am so creeped out by this show that I hardly remember their names. But I KEEP on watching!

When I think of names and meanings I always think of J.R. Ward and her brotherhood vamps. Zadist, Wrath etc. When I first picked up the books I thought it was kind of corny-- but it grew on me:)
Karen said…
CSI - the original Las Vegas series.

Sara Sidle (suicidal)
Gil Grissom (gruesome)

I haven't been able to watch American Horror Story (my husband doesn't like scary shit ... He freaks out at Ghost Hunters ... sigh)
This show is so creepy I can only watch it on demand.

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