Snow White and the Competition

It seems like when Hollywood comes up with a big idea, more than one studio wants in on the action. The latest "competing" movies seem to be the Snow White movies. Two of 'em. One dark and gritty (Snow White and the Huntsman), the other more of a parody (Mirror, Mirror).

Competing evil queens: Charlize Theron vs. Julia Roberts. (Frankly, I think Ms. Theron easily edges Ms. Roberts out in the "fairest" category).

Competing Snow Whites: Twilight's Kristen Stewart vs. Some Actress I Don't Know.

Between the two of these, and based on the trailers, I'm more interested in Snow White and the Huntsman. However, the director of Mirror, Mirror is responsible for one of my favorite, visually stunning movies of all time, The Cell. So we'll see.

Based on these trailers, which do you think will be the winningest version of Snow White in 2012?


Anonymous said…
Honestly, I don't view this as a competition because the movies have such differing takes on the story (but I'm also an incurable optimist).

I love Charliz Theron as the Evil Queen because she is so very good at the cold, sinister beauty, and I'm interested to see what is clearly a very different take on the story with it's sword-wielding Snow White, etc., but the costumes in Mirror, Mirror are gorgeous and I love Julia Roberts' over-the-top performance coupled with the tongue-in-cheek dialogue for all the characters.

I'm going to go see both of them.
Mario Acevedo said…
Wow. Both trailers are great. One movie is very dark and the other a great parody. Thanks for the heads up.
bettielee said…
I cannot stand Charlize Theron. I will not watch a movie with her in it. blech.

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