Job Choices and Cover Flats and Vampire Maggots

In my last post, I indicated that the Trace of Moonlight cover that was out wasn't final, but yay, this one is!

(Out October 30,2012, even.)

And on top of that I just got my cover flats for it, and I'll be giving one away at some point this week - all you have to do is head over to my writing prompt blog post and give me 500 words or less based on the picture and then I'll randomly draw and mail off a signed copy of the flat.


Here's a photo of the cover flats - aren't they pretty? (Super shiny and gold foil letters, even.)

Anyway, for some reason, my day to post here at the League tends to fall on the same day I post over at Word Whores, so there's a bit of an overlap. Today on Word Whores, I'm talking about odd jobs and I'm specifically getting into the story of how I was taloned by a red-tailed hawk during a wildlife veterinary internship. (Which sounds more exciting than it was, I think.)

But one of the jobs I didn't mention was my internship over at Ocean Spray. (The cranberry people). Science internships, by the way, involve a lot of counting. I counted many things. Berries. Mites on the leaves. Grubs. Microscopic nematodes that had been inserted into the grubs (Mmm. This included beheading the grubs and spilling their guts out and then looking for nematodes beneath a dissecting microscope. Science is awesome, by the way. I also got all the cranberries I could eat.)

Clearly I have never shaken off my love for the grubs as evidenced by my purchase of this completely awesome vampire maggot that I found over at Comic Con in Philly a few weeks ago. (You can read all about my trip here. Pictures with Spike and Thor, yo!)

And last thing is that today is also update day over at Sad Sausage Dogs - Page 14 of Fox & Willow is up, so please check it out, as always. :D


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