My AAD Highlights

Rather than give a full update about the AAD con, I'm just going to focus on a few of the more interesting shenanigans. (And with so many Leaguers out and about, you know there are some good ones...though I'll only mention the ones I was involved with, including eating a place that served...Clover Weenies. Pure Beef Pleasure, yo. And yes, that *does* say that "select members of our staff are available for private parties" under there. Feel free to use your sordid imagination any way you like. )

1) Cupcakes - League friend @Zombie_Joe was awesome enough to show up with some home-made themed cupcakes. Mark Henry and Jaye Wells each got a did I - specifically known as the HornyCorn. (Made with corn and pig candy, no less...pretty much a perfect combination, all the way around. And yes. Horns.)

2) Red Dress Race. Nothing to do with AAD at all, but there is still something surreal to see thousands of people drunkenly staggering around the French Quarter wearing nothing but red dresses. All day.

3) And last is the centerpiece that Carolyn Crane and I put together for our table for the Friday night banquet. We had many idea, some of which did not happen simply due to being unable to find certain things (apparently no pharmacy in NoLa sells ribbon. Or scissors. Or silver sharpies. Hello?), but we did the best with what we could. And this is what we came up with... (and yes, I'm cutting out a paper penis there. Because that's how I roll. We glued them to the bottle. Which was full of glow-in-the-dark fairies)

A few additional shots below. Yes. Gumby is getting railed by a Monsters Inc toy. Because of reasons.



Carolyn Crane said…
LOL. Those are some FINE photos, Allison! How lovely was our centerpiece???
Jen Twimom said…
So that's the story behind the centerpiece. It was memorable!
Anonymous said…
The centerpiece was AMAZING - so much fun :) :) !! I still have a unicorn from it :P
Midnyte Reader said…
I loved your centerpiece!

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