Best of the Rest 2008 Edition

I did my year end recap on my regular blog but didn't actually list out my favorite things that I either read, listened to, watched or attended, so I thought I'd mosey on back to those wondrous days of yore, that ended last week.

Take your gingko and follow along.

Last year was ginormous for book readings, not my own. I wouldn't be so egotistical to say that I give good reading, though, frankly, they're dirtier than most I've attended. If that's your thing then check your local reading/signing announcements, cuz you never know when I'll come wafting into your secluded enclave of elitist readers to shake things up with potty humor and dick jokes. What I'm talking about is readings I attended as a fan.

Take Chuck Palahniuk. Synde and I did. Twice...and hard. Once with Caitlin and the other with Caroline. It was nasty and hilarious as usual. I may not get to read everything he writes, but damn it, I'll be at the readings to hear the stuff that'll never go to typesetting.

"If you're not offended by explicit sex and erotic excitement" then watch this (what could be the best book trailer evah)...

My favorite video of the year came out of, of all things, an Converse campaign. I'd already fallen hard for Santogold, but when she teamed up with N.E.R.D and Julian Casablancas of the Strokes I was in ecstacy...

Now you'd think that'd be my favorite song, but no. Not so much. I love to sing in the car, especially if people are looking. Little known fact. I'll serenade the shit out of the person in the next car cuz I'm crazy. Actually I've never done that. But I totally would. Dare me. I might do it with this year's anthem: MGMT's Kids Time to Pretend or Ladytron's Ghosts. Come to think of it, I don't have a favorite. Hmm.

Song, that is.

My favorite movie from 2008 was one I watched after Christmas, that one I told you about. Quid Pro Quo. I was merely going to watch it for research but, Damn, did it suck me in. I looked over at one point and Caroline and a friend of ours, Jo, were watching with their mouths open. I noted it and then realized my own was hanging too. It takes a lot to really disturb me, but when you have a parapalegic wanna-be hitting on a parapalegic, both in wheelchairs and it's somehow erotic, that's a lot to take. Still it worked. Vera Farmiga is stunning and weird and Nick Stahl, an actor I don't particularly care for turned me around. Watch it.

World War Z by Max Brooks tied for my fav of the year with a book that couldn't be more different, Lisa Lutz's The Spellman Files. I can't wait for a movie of either and I'm sitting here next to the sequel to Spellman, though you think I could find a minute to read it? Nope.

Well. I'm tapped for now. What are some of your favorites from 2008?


Nicole Peeler said…
Anne Coulter!

Mark said…
Anne is very thin and that makes her popular, if only she smoked too, then she'd be a superstar.

She makes me laugh, well maybe not her, but the way people react to her. Like she pissed in their baby's milk bottle. funny!

(you see what I did there? neither agreeing or disagreeing? very clandestine)
Missy S said…
My favorites from 2008? Hmm... let me think...

1. Happy Hour of the Damned (truly) I wouldn't be your Plaguecarrier if it wasn't!!
2. The Black Ship
3. Fixing my back and getting paid to miss almost a month of work.
4. Getting to PA and Romantic Times.
5. My BFF being home for a couple months.
6. Losing 30+ pounds.

I think that's pretty good... :)
synde said…
wow i didn't know you liked MGMT. I would have given you the CD. Glad to have accompanied you to the Chuck events. They were on my top ten as well!!
Nicole Peeler said…
I think Anne does smoke. MY HEART!

Okay, enough with the disingenuosity. I have to say that my favorite song/video of 2008 was the Killer's HUMAN. I want that jacket, with the feathers, and I sometimes really wake up wondering, "Am I Human? Or Am I Dancer?"

Turns out, I am a DANCEMAN.

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