Urban Fantasy Land Awards!!

The League swept up a buttload of nominations at the first ever Urban Fantasy Awards and we couldn't be more psyched!

Jackie's up for best anthology for Eternal Lover.
Jeremy got a nod for Staked, up for Best Vampire Novel.
Night Life was nominated for Best Shapeshifter. We're so proud of Kit Kittredge.
In the category of Best Demons and Zombies, Stace's Personal Demons, Jackie's Hotter than Hell and my very own Happy Hour of the Damned are duking it out.
Anton's on his own though in Best in Ghost's, Witches and Magic.

Why don't you be a loyal Leaguer and head on over to Urban Fantasy Land? While you're there, make sure to do the write in votes for a chance at a $25 gift card. What could it hurt. Also, "debut" author means that the author's first book hit stores in 2008, I think there might be some confusion from the comments I saw.

Off you go...



tom-gallier said…
Oh, I voted the other day. Yeah, I voted for Leaguers. Up the League!

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