More author sightings

As mentioned in my previous hasty post, tonight my husband and I went out to see an author extravaganza. My pals Mark Henry, Jeanne Stein, and Jaye Wells had a Q&A and signing at University Bookstore tonight. Author Cory Doctorow was also part of the event, and though I'd never met him before, he proved to be as entertaining as the rest of them.

I must This was a super intellectual author talk! Those guys were discussing some pretty deep topics. I think I'm spoiled by my readers going easy on me with questions about movies and what inspires me to write Dimitri. These guys tonight talked about the future of ebooks vs. paper books and how this economy has helped build urban fantasy. There was also some debate on the iPad's usefulness which made me kind of sad for the store's Apple department that was like ten feet behind us.

Anyway, it was good times, and afterward, some of us went out for drinks over at Chapel--everyone's favorite mortuary-turned-bar. It's a pretty sweet place with a massive and creative drink menu, and we had a great time. My author pals seemed particularly enchanted by the old baptismal font. Here, Jaye, Mark, and Jeanne are looking heavenward, but I'm not fooled by those angelic expressions.

Mark kept trying for an angelic shot, though.

For us girls, no effort was required. We're the perfect picture of sweetness and innocence.

It's been super fun having Jeanne and Jaye in town, and I'm sad to see them go! Tomorrow they head back to Denver and Dallas respectively, and I wish them safe journeys. Fortunately, I'll be seeing them (and many others) in a month at the RT Convention, so many more author shenanigans are to come.


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