Official Pre-Launch Launchie Launch of Tracking the Tempest

It's April 1, people. Which means it's THREE MONTHS until my sequel, Tracking the Tempest, releases. Can you believe it? I can't, to be honest. But I'm gonna rock it.

So in true rockstar (read, geek) fashion, over at my site I've vlogged some fun news, as well as a READING of an excerpt from Tracking! So get yourself a teaser taster here, first. YAY!

I'll be vlogging more excerpts the first of every month until you can hold Jane once again . . . And there'll be contests in future. Hot, hot contest. ;-)

Today I thought new Jane was enough of a treat. She's so cute I could just squeeze her!


Jeanne Stein said…
LOVE the cover...
Barbara E. said…
I loved Tempest Rising and I'm really looking forward to the release of Tracking the Tempest. I think I love this cover even more than the first one, and that one was awesome.
Nicole Peeler said…
Thanks ladies!

I love it too! And am slightly obsessed with the third book's. :-) Sharon rocks!

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