Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hello, everybody! I had a great time over at Babel Clash, where Jaye Wells and I showed off our love of snark, non-traditional heroines, and F-words of all types. If you missed it, check out our posts, here. There's some good stuff there, if I do say so myself. ;-)

As for me, I'm plugging away at the day job. It's going well, and I feel good about it and with the writing I'm getting done on Eye of the Tempest.

But today's not about me. Today's about MAH PIMP HAND. Which is about to wear itself out . . . so many new releases. So little time.

First off, There's C.E. Murphy's latest releasing today, Truth Seeker:

I love Catie's books, and can't wait to get my hands on this one. Looks great! And speaking of ladies I love, how about Gail Carriger's newest, Blameless! I've been so busy I haven't yet read the second, and I can't believe the third is out already. Well done, Gail, can't wait to read it!

Another fellow Orbiter, Jesse Petersen, is releasing her debut. While I don't know Jesse, her book looks fabulous and really caught my attention. Can't wait to read it!

And, finally, the last but certainly not least to receive my pimp hand of love is one of my favorite ladies in Urban Fantasy . . . Jeanne Stein. Who today releases the latest in her Anna Strong series, Chosen.

These should all be fantastic reads, and if you've not dipped into these series I highly suggest that you do. Next week there's some more very exciting new releases . . . including one of my favorite para rom writer, Anyan Bast's, latest in her Dark Magick series. Love Anya! Loved the first book! Can't wait for the second! Am so excited I must use many exclamation points! Agh!

Today is the day....

Chosen hits the bookshelves today. Nail biting time.

National Buy a Book Day

Brace, yourselves, Leaguers. I'm about to get serious on your asses. Cross-posted from my personal blog.

So yesterday I was scanning twitter and saw yet another story about how poorly the big chain bookstores are doing. This on the heels of news that one of my favorite independents in Dallas also closed. Every day we’re bombarded with sad prognoses about the book industry. To read it, everything is on life support right now: Publishers, book stores, and even books themselves.

I personally can’t–and don’t want–to imagine a world where bookstores and print books don’t exist. (I’d also, for the record, be pretty upset if publishers went away, but that’s a blog for another time.) I don’t hate ebooks. I don’t loathe online print book retailers either. I spend money on both all the time. But my first love will always be print and I hope to continue that love affair for a good long while.

I’ve blogged before about how we’re conveniencing the joy out of our lives. But it goes deeper than that. Joseph Campbell once said, “Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.”

Bookstores are temples and stories are my prayers. I suspect it’s the same for a lot of you.

As kind of a half-joke, I started a thread on twitter about how we need a national book day. A major holiday for reading. Like Valentine’s Day, only for books. The kind of holiday that Hallmark makes cards for and that has its own mascot. Because, guys, it’s that serious.

Recently, Time magazine ran a list of 10 things kids today won’t experience. Reading real books was on that list.

Think about that. Time magazine, a major national print media outlet, has declared the print book obsolete. Besides being a bit premature, it also, sadly, looks to be an accurate prediction.

So here’s what I’m thinking. There’s this National Buy a Book Day on September 7. You probably haven’t heard about it because it doesn’t have any catchy slogans (why not get some writers on that, guys?) or celebrity spokespeople. But I think we can change that. Imagine what could happen if book lovers everywhere–from publishers to agents to authors to booksellers to readers–spread the word.

Everyone knows someone who never reads. Buy them a book. Everyone knows a kid who would rather play Nintendo than read. Buy them a book. Everyone knows a friend who loves to read. Buy them a book too. And then buy one for yourself. You deserve it.

I don’t care what book you buy. This isn’t about promoting my books. It’s about promoting ALL books. And any book that sells helps all of us.

So spread the word. And next Tuesday, get thee to a brick and mortar bookstore and buy at least one book.

For the price of a paperback you can help save civilization. Spread the word. Buy local.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Barely survived the geeky Bubonic plague

Mario here:

I barely survived this year's Bubonicon (yes, named after the bubonic plague, and the mascot is Perry the Rat). Con number 42. The first one was held in 1969. Where were you then?

Unfortunately for us, the hotel was undergoing renovation, which meant the restaurant and the bar were closed. Horrors! But the local contingent of Trekkies sailed to our rescue. Details further on down.

The Guest of Honor was Peter David (left), comic book guru (Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk) and grand poopah of geeky popular culture (screenwriter for Babylon 5; Star Trek novel author). Here David is speaking with science fiction legend Ben Bova.

Jeanne decided to show her appreciation for Bova's work by giving him a lap dance.

Guest artist was the amazing and magical Sarah Clemens.

Other luminaries included the acclaimed fantasy author Daniel Abraham.

While we had plenty of exciting panels, the main action was on the second floor of the hotel. Thanks to the NCC-62001 Anasazi, and crew member Phillip Dillard, we had enough booze to survive any Romulan siege. Jeanne kept herself well fueled with Cape Codders for those lap dances.

For an eyeful of the con shenanigans, click HERE.

To offset the Saturday night craziness, the con ended with a Sunday Authors Afternoon Tea. Pure class as you can see by the appropriately dressed Sussane and Nancy.

Jeanne's first signing for her newest book Chosen is this Wednesday at the Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover, 7:30pm.

This Thursday I give up my WOTY crown to the next Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' Writer Of The Year, Pamela Nowak. Ceremonies at the Tatttered Cover LoDo, 7:30pm.

And I have a signing for my comic book, Killing the Cobra, this Saturday, September 4, 1-5pm at Heroes Only Comics in Cheyenne, WY.

Cover Time!

It feels strange to be talking about the cover of Crossed (now officially called Crossed, A Void City Novel) before the mass market paperback for ReVamped hits the shelves next month, but like a kid with a new favorite t-shirt, I have to show it off.

This is not the final cover. Quotes and such may change, but I think the artwork side of things is going to remain the same. Gene did a great job of capturing Greta's look. I asked if he could be sure and make Greta look like she might actually kill something (given that she's hands down the character most likely to to go on a killing spree) and since I'm not allowed to have Eric (the male protagonist) on the cover, it was cool that they let my evil flesh-eating Mustang be on the cover again. He even worked in the bowling alley and Greta's pet skull!

You can look for this one on the shelves late January 2011, but ReVamped will hit stores in late September 2010 (just in time for Halloween!) and it will have a preview of the first chapter of Crossed. Here's a hint: They let me start it with a sex scene. It's even plot important! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The baby babble conversation: innocent mimcry or ancient demon language? Tests to see if your baby is a paranormal creature!

Congratulations to  Jackie of Literary Escapism! In celebration of the arrival of Simon, the newest member of the Literary Escapism team (who I'm sure will be tons of help with the blog!) I'm visiting over there today, and I have provided Jackie with three handy tests to see if the little one will grow up to be a paranormal creature.  

It's coming!... 
Speaking of releases, Chosen, the next Anna Strong comes out at the end of this month, August 31!!! Not too long ago, Anna Strong was named Best Fantasy Protagonist by RT Reviewers, and wow, this hotly anticipated addition to the series is getting rave reviews all over.

And here...from the blurb: Anna's "primitive vampire instincts are getting harder to control. And a new enemy wants to take advantage of that fact."

Yay. LOL. The internal struggle with an outside foreboding threat. I love plots like that!!

Congrats to KT Grant!
Also, congratulations to my pal KT Grant, whose For the Love of Mollie hit the #1 spot for the best selling chick lit romance ebook, and top ten in the Rubenesque Romance ebooks at All Romance! More here....

The Bitten by Books discussion
Also, I'm psyched that Mind Games is the topic of this week's Weekly Book Chat at Bitten by Books! Drop by and give your two cents

Image: Happy Smiling baby by D Sharon Pruitt from Wikimedia Commons.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lexington, KY Signing

Hey all,

I'll be signing at 2-4 pm Saturday at the Joseph Beth Bookstore - 161 Lexington Green Cir # B in Lexington, KY.

For more information, go to www.josephbeth.com.

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life, the Universe & Everything, as explained by a giant rodent.

Mario here,

This week, the Biting-Edge global corporate headquarters will be deployed in toto to Albuquerque, NM for Bubonicon 42, August 27-29. I'm the Toastmaster.

The prolific writer of everything from comics to novels to screenplays, Peter David is the Guest of Honor.

Fantasy artist and medical illustrator Sarah Clemens is Guest Artist.

Killing the Cobra issue #3 is hot off the press. My next signing is at Heroes Only Comics in Cheyenne, WY, September 4, 1-5PM.

We're on a short countdown for Jeanne's newest Anna Strong vampire book, Chosen.

Jeanne's appearance schedule:

Bubonicon 42


September 1, 2010
7:30 PM

Tattered Cover Highlands Ranch

9315 Dorchester St.
Highlands Ranch CO


September 3 – 6, 2010

Hyatt Regency Atlanta:
265 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30303


September 13, 2010
7:00 PM

WhoElse! Books
200 So. Broadway, Denver CO


Sept 18, 2010
2 PM

Mysterious Galaxy
7501 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego 92111

Wait, there's more!

Like this clever, and dirty, homage to Ray Bradbury, titled...well, listen up.

And it's said women don't appreciate science fiction. Ha!

Life on the Road

After an overnight business trip this week, I started thinking about all the traveling I do. I've traveled every month this year, sometimes only for a couple days and sometimes for trips of a week or two. I realized that I have a number of survival behaviors, and author Ally Carter reminded me of some she shares too. So, I thought I'd provide some helpful tips for any budding authors out there who might find themselves on extensive book tours someday.

First off, you have to understand the nature of a book tour. I'm flying to a different city every day. This means I'm usually up at 6am, waiting to get picked up for the airport and its procedures (see above). I fly into a new city, usually getting there mid-afternoon. If I'm lucky, I get to go to my hotel for a couple hours and clean up. Other times, I may have to go straight to promo somewhere, meaning I have to walk off the plane groomed and dressed up. In the evening is the signing, and then everything starts all over the next morning at 6am in a different city. Each city has a new driver or escort to pick me up and drop me off where I need to go.

Here's what necessary to survive.

1. If you arrive before check-in, the hotel may not have a room ready for you. Don't throw a diva fit. They don't care who you are. Act shocked but be polite, and then say you have to call your publicist. Maybe even call her. Regardless, using the word 'publicist' and getting out your phone is sometimes enough to impress the hotel staff into prepping a room. Otherwise, you'll be sitting in their restaurant, trying to stay awake because you're still strung out on Xanax from the flight. (Okay, that last bit only applies to me). Hotels try to honor early check-in requests, but most can't guarantee it unless the previous night was also paid for. Happily, I've never had to wait more than an hour when a room wasn't ready.

2. As soon as you enter your hotel room, drop your bags and find the room service menu. Don't even take off your coat. Some hotels don't serve between 2pm-5pm. If you get there at 1:30pm and start unpacking, you will be sad at 2pm when you get around to ordering. Because most signings are at 6 or 7, I often get picked up at 5 or 6, meaning I don't get to eat at dinnertime. Get food when you arrive, or you may not eat at all.

3. Because you're missing dinnertime, you won't get your next meal until at leat 9pm. Probably 10 or 11, depending on signing length and transportation time back to the hotel. So, also check when the hotel stops serving food. If you're lucky, they do room service 24 hours. If they stop before you think you'll return to the hotel, you need to have your driver take you somewhere on the way back, or you'll be stranded and hungry. Once the driver drops you off, they're gone.

4. Hoard all the water you can. Flying every day will dehydrate you. Water's offered to authors everywhere. The drivers have bottles in their cars, the bookstores will give it to you, and hotels will have it too. Take them all. You'll have to give them up when you go to the airport the next day, but you'll be glad it's always on hand. You need it for lots of reasons. You'll be thirsty, you may need it take aspirin with, and you'll need it if you decide to have a drink at night. (As an aside, I rarely drink alcohol on tour. I can think of few things worse than calling my publicist in the morning because I'm too sick to board a plane. It's best avoided). Ally Carter points out that in a pinch, hotel gyms often stock water bottles or at the very least a cooler to refill from.

5. Make sure your carry-on has bare essentials to get you ready for a public appearance. I always check a bag both because it's necessary for 2 weeks of travel and because of all my products. I've never had luggage lost (knock on wood), but in the event it doesn't make it to the city when you do, you could be in serious trouble, and with the short turnaround on these trips, it's unlikely the bag will get to you before the signing.

6. If you snack before a public event, choose carefully. Don't pick things that could mess up your clothes or (for women) smear your makeup. Bookstores will often kindly offer food and coffee along with water. I've had a couple of bad experiences getting frappuccinos before signings, only to have them drip onto my shirt while drinking. So now, I either don't eat once I'm dressed and cleaned up, or I pick something I can break apart and eat in small bites (like scones).

7. Err on the side of extra time. If your driver says it's going to take longer to get to the airport than the publisher's itinerary says, go with the driver. Sacrifice that extra 30 minutes of sleep or whatever. You don't want to be late for a flight or a signing.

Okay, that's all I've got at the moment. I'm sure there are other hot tips for author touring, but those are the biggest. They're essential for long tours but hold true for these overnight trips too. One thing I'll say, though, is that despite all the running around and exhaustionin travel involves, it's always worth it once I'm at a signing. I LOVE signings. I can be miserable getting off that plane, but as soon as I walk into a bookstore and meet my readers, all the stress goes away. It's amazing. I usually fall over when I get back to my hotel, but for those 2-3 hours of signing, I'm super-energized, and it's all because of the crowd.

So, thank you to everyone who helps make the events so great! Of course, I still need downtime, which is why I'm glad to be home where I can spend my days in pajamas and not do my hair. I also need to keep writing those book things, which I can't do while traveling. Speaking of which, it's time to get back to work...

(Cross-posted from my blog).

Cross Posted From the Biting Edge

There was lots of news floating around this week. I’m not even going to touch the Barnes and Noble debacle. You’re all probably sick of it by now. B & N is supposed to be going into a new local shopping mall at Southglenn but I think that project is on hold.

Writer’s Digest is hosting their popular short story competition. There are five categories:

• Romance
• Mystery/Crime Fiction
• Science Fiction/Fantasy
• Thriller/Suspense
• Horror

The Grand Prize-Winner will receive a trip to the Writer's Digest Conference in New York City, $2,500 cash, $100 worth of Writer's Digest Books and the 2011 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market.

Entry Deadline: November 01, 2010. Rules here

# # # #

Graphic from Jon Favreau Avengers Movie

Some word from the Jossverse. The Avengers movie, which Joss is directing, starts shooting in February. Based on the Action Comic Book, it chronicles the formation of the super superhero team the Avengers, consisting of Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Ironman and others. Stars already on board are Robert Downey Jr.., Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson. More here .

# # # #

How good are you at identifying famous books by their covers? Try your skill here .

# # # #

How many of you have discovered the BBC series Being Human? I just did and I love it!! Seems the set is haunted. From The Mirror:

BAFTA-nominated supernatural drama Being Human has been thrown into chaos, after real life ghosts started haunting the set.

Cast and crew are scared silly after a cup inexplicably leapt off the table just before cameras started to roll, smashing into a monitor. The incident was seen by at least 30 team members working on set at the BBC Three hit show.

Being Human revolves around a flat sharing vampire, werewolf and ghost from Bristol and has won dozens of awards.

But assistant director Mike Gallivan said since moving the set to a converted bus depot in Wales, real ghosts were now trying to get in on the action on screen

"We've been shooting here for four weeks and already we have seen three ghosts on shot," he said.

Rest of the interview here .

And in the casts' and crews own words:

# # # #

Although the Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is out and has received critical acclaim, an English language remake is in the works. From USA Today:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Newcomer Rooney Mara has landed one of the most-coveted roles in Hollywood, co-starring alongside James Bond star Daniel Craig in the English-language remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Sony Pictures announced Monday that Mara, 25, will play Lisbeth Salander, a fearless genius tormented by a terrible childhood, in the crime thriller based on the first book in Stieg Larsson’s best-selling series.

Craig is portrating journalist Mikael Blomkvist, who teams up with Lisbeth to delve into a string of decades-old murders.

Dragon Tattoo is directed by David Fincher, who cast Mara in The Social Network, a drama about the founders of Facebook due in theaters Oct. 1…

Dragon Tattoo begins shooting next month in Sweden and is due out Dec. 21, 2011.

I’ve got the original on my Netflix queue. They say I have a “long wait” but hopefully I’ll get it before this one comes out.

# # # #

Entertainment Weekly showcased nine photos from Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, which is scheduled for a November 19 release. See the complete galley here .

# # # #

From Newsweek:

# # # #

Next something I'm not sure how I feel about. What do you think of this Rolling Stone Cover?

# # # #

Okay friends, ten days and counting until the release of Chosen. Am I nervous? Scared? Full of dread? You bet. Only YOU can make it better... no pressure though. None.

I'll be doing my first pre-release interview on Amberkatze's Book Blog on Sunday August 22. There will be prizes!

Friday, August 20, 2010

International Greywalker Contest

Hey I've got an article and a contest up at Book Lovers Inc and you can win a complete, signed set of my Greywalker novels including LABYRINTH in the UK softcover. (MEAN STREETS is not included, but that's because I'm out of them.)

Yes, I'll ship them anywhere. I really am that slutty. ;)

Go get 'em!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

You should write a story about THAT, Carolyn!!

A funny thing happens to you when you are a writer, or when you tell people that you want to be a writer - suddenly, people tell you stuff that happened to them, and that you should write a story about it...more

Hey I'm over at Paranormal Haven today, talking the twists and turns story ideas can take...and my grandmother's unexpectedly popular big idea!! Come say hi! 

Image from www.flickr.com/photos/thumbling/92500412/ Lion at Masai Mara Park, Kenya Author: Wouter van Vliet

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blog of Shame

Back in college we had this saying: The walk of shame. It referred to that horrible walk back to the dorms in the harsh light of day wearing the same clothes you wore the night before, only now they reeked of stale cigarettes, warm beer and lost innocence. I mention it now because I feel as if this post is my own personal "blog of shame." I'd like to just slink back into your lives, but I think we all know what I really need is a round of antibiotics and a nice long shower.

I wish I could claim I've been spending all my time debauching. Alas, those days are far behind me. Instead, I've been working on revisions of Green-Eyed Demon and being a mom. The good news is the revisions went really well and the better news is school starts Monday. Woohoo!

While I've been away a couple of fun things have happened. First, I found out that The Mage in Black went back for a second printing. Thanks to everyone who bought the book and turned your friends on to Sabina and the gang.

Second, I'm spending some time this week and next duking it out with Nicole Peeler at Borders' Babel Clash blog. We're dishing about humor in urban fantasy and the difference between kick-ass heroines and, well, selkies. Come join the discussion! Or heckle us, whichever.

Couple of non-pimpery items to share today.

1. This week I as in Bath and Body Works with Spawn. I was perusing the lavish bubble baths when, from across the store, I hear a small voice yell, "Mom! They have vampire blood!" Of course it was my son yelling, and of course I ran right over to investigate. Apparently the store has its line of Halloween hand sanitizers out already. Zombie, spider web, candy corn, and yes, vampire blood. Did you know vampire blood smells like plums? Also, in what universe is any type of blood sanitizing?

2. What the what!?! Could this be the sexiest cover of Rolling Stone ever? Nay, I say. NAY! If you want it to be the sexiest cover you need to boot Sookie's ass off and stick Alcide in the middle. Just sayin'. Still, it's great to see urban fantasy get such mainstream coverage--or, erm, uncoverage-- lately.

That's all I have today, my friends. I hope you're not behaving yourselves.

Tour Blog, part 1

Cross-posted from http://katrich.wordpress.com/

So, about two weeks ago my latest Greywalker novel, LABYRINTH, was officially released and I, officially, went on tour. First up, on Tuesday August Third, was a good bit of eating and playing tourist with visiting author Nicole Peeler and local Team Seattle members Mark Henry and Psynde, followed by the actual signing at the University Bookstore in Seattle’s U-District.

The shop had a gratifyingly large crowd and a lot of questions were asked about my possible interest in film, TV, or graphic novel versions of the books by one of the audience. Curiously, the young man never identified himself or came up to say hello or have a book signed, so I have no idea what that was about... but the signing went well and we all had fun, I think, and I believe a decent number of books were sold. Which makes the store like to have me back.

Afterward, while I signed stock, the friends and minions trotted down the street to The District Lounge in the basement of the Hotel Deca and started in on the noshing and drinking. I was a little later and, since the crowd had inconveniently broken into “writer” and “old-friend” camps, I had to figure out who I was going to hang with first. I picked the old friends since I actually see them less frequently than most of the writers. Though I don’t really see the writers that much lately, except in passing, since we’ve all become so busy it’s hard to find more than a handful of minutes to spend together, sometimes.

Anyhow, it was lovely and I headed home about 11 to do some last-minute work and get some sleep.

Alas, I really didn’t sleep. I don’t sleep well if I’m stressed and I had a pile of things to do as well as two early-morning phone-in interviews on my schedule. So I rolled out of bed at 6 a.m. Wednesday August 4—unable to sleep—and went to get some coffee so I’d be upright and not muttering when the phone calls started at 7:20 my time. But, I found an e-mail confirming the first interview for Thursday, instead. Well, that was OK I guessed, except now I’d had coffee and really had ninety minutes to kill until the other interview, which was scheduled for 8 a.m. So I packed up my stuff and went to my office so I wouldn’t wake up my hubby, who was still sleeping.

I got to the office, got the laptop set-up and on and fussed with a bunch of other things I needed to manage, did some more e-mail trying to figure out what was going on with the first interview, since more e-mail had come in that was very confusing and I had a few things to sort and pack at the office for the trip, as well. Once that was done, I sat down, called in to the radio station in Illinois a few minutes early like a good kid...

and was put on hold for a while until someone came back on the line, quite apologetically, to say that there was already someone in studio with the host I was supposed to be interviewing with and I was on the schedule for tomorrow—Thursday. Again. What was it with Thursday...? But everyone was very nice and I said I’d call back the next day since I’d be in Oregon and I could get up early there as easily as I got up early at home.

Now finding myself at loose ends when I had expected to be busy until 9 I had an opportunity to get still more stuff done. So I thought “I’ll start the laundry. It’s so early, no one else will be in the laundry room.” So I packed up the computer and my other stuff and drove back to the marina and carried it all down to the boat (since I wasn’t going to drive to Portland). I sorted the wash and carried it up to the laundry room and was quite pleased to discover I was right: all the washers were empty and their was no one else in the room. So I loaded up the wash and headed back to the boat to do still more paperwork and email. Somewhere along the way I realized I’d lost my beloved, square, silver-green iPod nano in (which I called “li’l green pod” and had dragged all over with me—yes it even went to England.) Well, at least the EVO (which I call “Screaming Pink Jesus Phone”) could pretend to be an iPod—sort of. If I could figure out how to conserve the battery power a little....

But now I had to go pop the laundry into the dryers and discovered another person eyeing my wet laundry since the rest of the washers had filled up while I mucking about at the boat. I hastily moved the wet clothes into the dryers and trotted back to the boat to do as much as I could with the rest of the electronic paperwork, which included updating a bunch of stuff on BookTour.com and chasing down various online projects I needed to finish before I went anywhere.

And so the laundry was done and I was packed by 11, which was good, because I got a last minute note from someone saying he needed a copy of the book ASAP, so I went back to the office, got the book, packed it up, mailed it, and drove to Pioneer Square for my signing at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop at Noon.

As usual, the street was in a state of disrepair as various branches of the Seattle City Works and Department of Transportation offices did unmentionable things to the road and alley right next to the shop, thus making parking pretty dreadful. Luckily, I’d expected that and took the car straight to the Sinking Ship to park it and walk the block and a half to the shop instead.

The signing was small, but very nice—as they always are at SMB—and I finished up about 2. Then I remembered I had promised to stop by the Barnes and Noble downtown and sign stock for them, so I swooped down there and was lucky enough to catch my friend Christelle and her hubby as she arrived for work. My phone went off with a message I needed to reply to, but I couldn’t manage it that second, so I tabled it for a few. So some silly chatting and passing out puzzles was done while I signed stock and then had to skeddaddle.

Pausing where I got some decent reception in Cell Phone Hell, I checked the message and tried to respond by calling my publicist in New York before she went home for the day, hoping she was working late, but I missed her and had to leave a message on her phone and another on her e-mail, since it now appeared the amazing moving interview was actually scheduled for Friday—a day I couldn’t commit to since I would be heading for Portland airport at the time I was supposed to be talking on the air. Oh dear... I hoped Rosanne would be able to fix it since I really wanted to do the show, but things kept being impossibly wrong and confusing.

Next I rushed home, pausing one more time at my office for a forgotten item, and then parked the car at the marina, carefully removing anything I needed from it so I could take it with me. I dashed down to the dock and called a cab to pick me up while I stuffed the last of the things I needed into my suitcase and computer bag. Then I darted back up the dock to meet the cab, so I could go back to Pioneer Square to catch a 5:30 p.m. train to Portland.

Since I wasn’t sure how long the boarding process would take, I arrived about 4:35, without having had anything to eat since 6:30. Luckily, I was going business class, so I was able to get my seat assignment in advance and trot out to a small deli a block away from King Street Station that closes at 5 and get in the doors at 4:45 to beg for a half a sandwich and a bottle of Coke Zero. Both were really yummy.

Meanwhile, my cell phone had been going off constantly with message and e-mail alerts, many of which I need to reply to immediately. The battery was not happy with me, even though I’d been recharging it in the car. I managed them as best I could between snarfing the sandwich and slurping the drink and then I got on my train to Portland.

Which arrived on time and without any more drama, except that I never have figured out how to get my phone to “tether” and act as a wifi hotspot so I could manage my e-mail from the train.... Oh well. At least I made it to Portland.

Hi-ya! Mini round-up

Latest freak-out book news 
 Double Cross is heading to the printer soon. Author Carolyn Crane, the ultimate reviser, gets to revise no more. But that's okay! Color me feverishly excited. So much so, that I'm talking about myself in third person.

Work on as-yet-unnamed book #3 is progressing well - I'm a good halfway through it, and have outlined all the way to the end like the plotter that I am, and there is so much drama in it. Part of me is so excited about what I have planned, but part of me is like, am I writer enough to pull it off? I think it will be really challenging, but I think that is okay. I think it is important for a writer to challenge herself to do things she thinks she maybe can't do. LOL. Is this even interesting? I'm on sleep deprivation program over here.

I am also several chapters into a secret PNR project that is like the funnest and wildest toy ever. And a little smutty. Okay, a lot.

Cool and excellent places to visit and things to do 
Thing #1: I'm really psyched that MIND GAMES is Spinecracker's Virtual Book Club pick this month! Discussion kicks off on September 3rd. It should be a great group. Check out her post on it here.

Thing #2: Stop over at  Caitlin's Vision Quest Fail this week. We did an interview where you can get the scoop on what's up with the beret, the evolving role of Simon, writing quirks, and more! Also, you can win a signed copy of MIND GAMES!!

Thing #3: Another stop: I'm over at Book Faery Tori's blog for her blowout Battle of the Sexies event, a month-long extravaganza covering all things alpha hero and alpha heroine. There have been lots of fun visitors and posts! Today I'm talking about my favorite messed up Alpha Hero moments. It's my private little walk down memory lane of all the screwed-up behaviors of heroes that I nevertheless inexplicably love. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Come say hi!! If you leave a comment, you might win MIND GAMES or DOUBLE CROSS! Merry Christmas! 

So exciting!
Carolyn Crane has been all work and no play lately. I spent the past week and weekend in my other superhero identity as master of the case-study-writing and corporate-website-writing universe. However, I did get a run in and then I worked on my pull-ups challenge, and guess who did TWO? LOL. And the evil humidity finally broke and I feel human again. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Updates! Get Yer Updates, Here!

Well hello, everybody! Life at Casa Peeler has been all about ORIENTATION. I had new faculty orientation last week, and this week we had regular orientation. As with all orientations, I'm feeling very disoriented at the moment. Lots of new people, new procedures, new ideas...but it's all good! Everything will settle in soon.

And speaking of settling, my new apartment is getting there. I've got lots of new furniture. Here's some random pics:

Yay! Eventually, when I can afford them, I'll buy dining room chairs. Then I'll be domestic as a plate!

In book news, Eye is coming along nicely. There's something about me and work: the more I have to do, the more I do do. I'm so anxious about the deadline for Eye that I'm sort of obsessive about working on it. I'm also having a huge amount of fun writing it, and I find that it becomes its own stress relief. I get anxious, I write, and then I feel 100% better about myself and the world. Funny, that!

TR and Tracking have also both come out in the UK, and I've got some extra copies of the British TR. I'll definitely be doing a contest in a few weeks, once things settle down, to give some away. They look stunning! Slightly larger than the ones in the US, with covers that are Sharon's original art with a sort of Frank Milleresque wash to the color scheme. Love them!

And speaking of contests, for those people to whom I owe prize packs, THEY HAVE BEEN UNEARTHED! Now I just have to make time to go to the post office. ;-) That WILL happen in the next week, come hell or high water. If it doesn't you can send your people after me. I'll deserve it.

In very, very exciting news, the lovely Psynde has created a line of jewelry inspired by Jane! I absolutely adore this stuff, and I get to vet all the pieces, so you guys have to check it out! Jane doesn't wear a lot of jewelry in the books, but if she did, this would be it, for sure. I love this stuff!

Finally, for the next two weeks, things will be pretty quiet from me here and at my site, because I'm squaring off with Jaye Wells at BABEL CLASH. Hopefully no chairs will be involved, although I'm perfectly willing to cut a bitch if that Wells woman gets out of hand.

So see you over at Babel Clash! Until then, please keep the League warm for my return.

Sneak Peek At Concept Art 1

I can't give you all the details yet, but the Top Secret Web Comic Project is coming along nicely. All I can say right now is that I'm writing it and it's set in the universe of a very cool up and coming roleplaying game.

I just got the first concept sketches for one of the main characters. I won't tell you the character's name yet, but she's cool and a very powerful magic user.

The artwork was done by Laura Sloan ( http://bumberparty.blogspot.com/ )and though she will not be doing the artwork in the comic, I just had to share her cool concept art. No sketches of the steam punk robot yet, but when I get them (and get permission to post them) you'll see them. :) The concept she was given was: part Egyptian Mau, part Red-tailed Hawk, and part Wolverine. I think she did a wonderful job.

So what do you think?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Who got lucky? I got lucky. The UF edition.

Mario here:
Lots of book news to cover.
But first, can a Sunday morning get any better than zombies at the coffee shop?  These undead beauties from the Denver Roller Dolls were on their way to a publicity shoot and obliged me a photo before they tried to eat my brains.
We'll start with Ernest Hogan, the most unknown Chicano author.  Hogan was "discovered" by acclaimed science-fiction author Ben Bova and started out with his cultural mosaic futuristic novel that mishmashes border Spanish with Nahautl in Cortez on Jupiter.  Follow his tribulations in literary obscurity on La Bloga, interviews Part 1 and Part 2.
Who got lucky?
I got lucky...
this weekend when I met Deborah Coonts, author of Wanna Get Lucky, her debut novel. Coonts is getting scorching hot reviews about the Las Vegas adventures of Lucky O'Toole, the snarky head of customer relations of the Babylon hotel. Somebody falls to death from a helicopter into the pirate's lagoon at Treasure Island, kick-starting the action that shoves Lucky into characters from a swingers convention, an Adult Film Industry award's banquet, and a brothel, of which her mother is the madame. Naturally. And her best friend is a female impersonator, who decides that (s)he wants to be more than chums with Lucky. A host of handsome studs put Lucky's libido in overdrive and her judgement in reverse. Lucky doesn't feel too lucky but you will reading this story.
Beth Groundwater (left) and Deborah Coonts at the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Mystery Writers of America summer pot luck.
Groundwater was nominated for an Agatha Award for her debut novel, A Real Basket Case, followed that with: To Hell in a Handbasket; a sci-fi novella, The Epsilon Eridani Alternative; and is set to release the first of her Rocky Mountain Adventures series, Deadly Currents, in March 2011.  She proves that luck is often disguised as hard work.
The luck continued at breakfast with NYT bestselling Richelle Mead and her hubby Jay, in Denver on family business.  Here she is with our own Jeanne Stein, still astounded by my amazing parking skills.
Terry Odell shares the luck, and the love, in her newest romance Nowhere to Hide.
Now over at the Chiseled in Rock blog, Dave Jackson and Betsy Dornbusch, dish on another way to get lucky in this crazy publishing biz.

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