Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hello, everybody! I had a great time over at Babel Clash, where Jaye Wells and I showed off our love of snark, non-traditional heroines, and F-words of all types. If you missed it, check out our posts, here. There's some good stuff there, if I do say so myself. ;-)

As for me, I'm plugging away at the day job. It's going well, and I feel good about it and with the writing I'm getting done on Eye of the Tempest.

But today's not about me. Today's about MAH PIMP HAND. Which is about to wear itself out . . . so many new releases. So little time.

First off, There's C.E. Murphy's latest releasing today, Truth Seeker:

I love Catie's books, and can't wait to get my hands on this one. Looks great! And speaking of ladies I love, how about Gail Carriger's newest, Blameless! I've been so busy I haven't yet read the second, and I can't believe the third is out already. Well done, Gail, can't wait to read it!

Another fellow Orbiter, Jesse Petersen, is releasing her debut. While I don't know Jesse, her book looks fabulous and really caught my attention. Can't wait to read it!

And, finally, the last but certainly not least to receive my pimp hand of love is one of my favorite ladies in Urban Fantasy . . . Jeanne Stein. Who today releases the latest in her Anna Strong series, Chosen.

These should all be fantastic reads, and if you've not dipped into these series I highly suggest that you do. Next week there's some more very exciting new releases . . . including one of my favorite para rom writer, Anyan Bast's, latest in her Dark Magick series. Love Anya! Loved the first book! Can't wait for the second! Am so excited I must use many exclamation points! Agh!

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