Cover Time!

It feels strange to be talking about the cover of Crossed (now officially called Crossed, A Void City Novel) before the mass market paperback for ReVamped hits the shelves next month, but like a kid with a new favorite t-shirt, I have to show it off.

This is not the final cover. Quotes and such may change, but I think the artwork side of things is going to remain the same. Gene did a great job of capturing Greta's look. I asked if he could be sure and make Greta look like she might actually kill something (given that she's hands down the character most likely to to go on a killing spree) and since I'm not allowed to have Eric (the male protagonist) on the cover, it was cool that they let my evil flesh-eating Mustang be on the cover again. He even worked in the bowling alley and Greta's pet skull!

You can look for this one on the shelves late January 2011, but ReVamped will hit stores in late September 2010 (just in time for Halloween!) and it will have a preview of the first chapter of Crossed. Here's a hint: They let me start it with a sex scene. It's even plot important! :)


Elie said…
Great cover. Did you say that was a "pet skull" in her hands? OK, now you have me curious.
Anonymous said…
There's a flesh eating Mustang. I'm reading this book.
I love this series and can't wait for this installment. :)

Jeremy F. Lewis said…
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Jeremy F. Lewis said…
Yep. Greta winds up with a pet skull relatively early on in her portion of the narrative. I mean... What else does a vampire do with a human they really like, but don't want to turn or enthrall?

Then again, Greta has also started bedding down in Fang's trunk...
pattepoilue said…
Woooooot Awesome!!! Love it. The model is perfect for Greta. I would not like to cross her path O_O
Is it January yet? *sigh*
I'm really excited about this book!
This comment has been removed by the author.
okay if that's a pet skull, what the heck is he? Looks human to me or one hell of a big animal. 65 or 66 mustang? got one just like it except it's brown in my garage. What color--red isn't it? I tried and tried to get my husband to have his painted red but he stayed with the original color. Hardtop or convertible?
Jeremy F. Lewis said…
Fang is a 1964 1/2 Mustang convertible. By book three, he's red by day and black at night... though if he gets riled up during the day, he can turn black then, too.

As for the skull, yes, it belonged to a human. We meet him very briefly before he gets reduced to "pet rock" / "pet skull" status. No mystical abilities for the skull BTW, Greta just likes to sleep with it.

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