Blog of Shame

Back in college we had this saying: The walk of shame. It referred to that horrible walk back to the dorms in the harsh light of day wearing the same clothes you wore the night before, only now they reeked of stale cigarettes, warm beer and lost innocence. I mention it now because I feel as if this post is my own personal "blog of shame." I'd like to just slink back into your lives, but I think we all know what I really need is a round of antibiotics and a nice long shower.

I wish I could claim I've been spending all my time debauching. Alas, those days are far behind me. Instead, I've been working on revisions of Green-Eyed Demon and being a mom. The good news is the revisions went really well and the better news is school starts Monday. Woohoo!

While I've been away a couple of fun things have happened. First, I found out that The Mage in Black went back for a second printing. Thanks to everyone who bought the book and turned your friends on to Sabina and the gang.

Second, I'm spending some time this week and next duking it out with Nicole Peeler at Borders' Babel Clash blog. We're dishing about humor in urban fantasy and the difference between kick-ass heroines and, well, selkies. Come join the discussion! Or heckle us, whichever.

Couple of non-pimpery items to share today.

1. This week I as in Bath and Body Works with Spawn. I was perusing the lavish bubble baths when, from across the store, I hear a small voice yell, "Mom! They have vampire blood!" Of course it was my son yelling, and of course I ran right over to investigate. Apparently the store has its line of Halloween hand sanitizers out already. Zombie, spider web, candy corn, and yes, vampire blood. Did you know vampire blood smells like plums? Also, in what universe is any type of blood sanitizing?

2. What the what!?! Could this be the sexiest cover of Rolling Stone ever? Nay, I say. NAY! If you want it to be the sexiest cover you need to boot Sookie's ass off and stick Alcide in the middle. Just sayin'. Still, it's great to see urban fantasy get such mainstream coverage--or, erm, uncoverage-- lately.

That's all I have today, my friends. I hope you're not behaving yourselves.


Ahhh, the walk of shame. Lord, that brings back memories. Uhh, not me of course. Oh no. *shaking head* It was a friend of mine. uh huh. A friend. She was very bad. lol She got married and now only walks the walk of shame in her house. :)
DragonKat said…
LOL. I saw those hand sanitizers too and bought a bunch for the urban fantasy writing groups I belong to. FYI: girls love the Vampire Blood and Bat Bite; boys go for Spider's Web and Zombie Squad.
Moonsanity said…
First, no walk of shame for you in my eyes, because I have three spawns-- 10, 16 and 17, and I swear the whole fricking summer was chaotic and crazy. I usually don't care if they are off school but I am so ready for some quiet time to write. So much drama in one summer... just slap me now. Blood Sanitizer huh? Do you think THAT'S what they have all over them on the RS cover? Let's hope it's not some other substance..just saying...

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